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7 Classic Marketing Tools for New Customer Acquisition

Classic Marketing Tools New Customer Acquisition

Acquiring new customers is invaluable during the early stages of a business. Even the critically-acclaimed, AARRR framework startup metrics model, which helps raise businesses to heightened success levels, puts acquisition at the beginning of your path to success.

While new customers are a critical component for any business, consumers today are more sophisticated with a plethora of choices. They expect businesses to understand their expectations and provide value. As a result, research is constantly being done in search of new and prolific tools for customer acquisition. Below are the top seven tools:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps marketers derive insights from the traffic generated by various sources. It forms a baseline for analyzing real-time customer trends to facilitate the new customer acquisition process.

Its three basic steps are:

  • Collecting customer information as it relates to the business;
  • Building a 360-degree view of customer preferences; and,
  • Ranking the sources based on purchasing behavior.

Using the data gathered from above, startups can deploy Google Analytics Advanced Segment to help them realize their ‘New to my site’ segment. Herein lies a lot of potential for new customer acquisition. This is an easy way to obtain new customers for your startup.

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MoonClerk deals with payment solutions (recurring payments, in particular) on an ecommerce platform. It utilizes Stripe for payment processing and the setup takes mere minutes. Upon completion, businesses will be able to accept online payments.

MoonClerk’s highlights are:

  • Extensive integration options for leveraging social media with existing applications;
  • Custom branding; Customized options for shipping charges, coupons, trial periods validation, among others;
  • Payment processing data capture, like email IDs, which can be used for future marketing efforts; and,
  • Personalized webpage hosting for small businesses.


Live chat software that is suitable for online businesses of all sizes. It’s a new-age medium where sellers or service providers can talk directly to their customers using a chat box. These conversations typically include preliminary discussions; but, if all goes well, can include customer acquisitions. Many customers prefer live chats when asking purchase-related questions.

Tagove’s Live Chat is one of the highest-running live chat options because:

  • It helps businesses provide a quicker response;
  • It’s a medium where customers can obtain in-depth service potential;
  • It maintains a customer interaction record; and,
  • It allows businesses to provide quick answers for customers, rather than relying on them to read lengthy FAQs.

Most customers prefer to chat prior to purchasing a product. Therefore, Tagove can propagate numerous options for increasing conversion rates, thus ensuring customer acquisition.


Email marketing is a long-established and proven channel for achieving audience engagement and higher conversion rates. That’s why it is still a primary concern for any business choosing to market online. With this in mind, one prominent name comes to mind—MailChimp. It:

  • Offers brilliant ways to create actionable marketing emails for customers;
  • Assists with creating desirable subject lines and choosing the right language for the segment; and,
  • Derives various findings from campaigns, like opens, CTRs, forwards, etc.

Tt renders voluminous analytical data, which helps track the viability and success of each email campaign. This allows for planning strategic marketing attempts, which increases the chances of attracting new customers, and improving your heightened CTR.


Optimizely is a freemium that works well with novices because it establishes effective A/B testing to assist with reaping the utmost Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

The ideal use of this tool is when businesses have, two versions of the same page appearing on their website and no idea of which of the two versions will generate more leads. Optimizely allows simultaneous runs of the two versions, then determines which is more effective. It’s very good at understanding by analyzing customer touch points and providing their best possible experience.

Based on the results, business can roll out the best choices, which increases conversion rates. More customers preferring your website will progressively lead to more customer acquisition for your company.


Qualaroo lets you explore your visitors’ needs using a question-based process. It asks questions and, based on previous responses, fetches the results. It also assists with gathering additional data about existing customers, which boosts customer acquisition and retention.

Satisfying customers’ needs is the key to business success; making it necessary to understand existing and potential customer desires. Qualaroo captures this information by asking customers specific questions. Upon reaching a customer’s comfort zone, it swaps out products based on need, resulting in customer acquisition and retention.


Every industry today is driven by technology. This leads to the rise of tools like LeadCrunch, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to generate the hottest leads. It has the potential to completely change the way customers are acquired.

The biggest business disadvantage has always been not knowing whether customers are truly interested in the offered products. The only resolution was to speak with them in person, which is time-consuming. LeadCrunch provides customers interested in specific products. The rise of big data ensures businesses can use this information to craft more accurate impressions of the perfect customer.


Customer acquisition is the most important aspect of a startup. While there are thousands of great products/services; most businesses will never acquire more than a few people.

Never hesitate to use the above-referenced tools when competing for customers’ short attention spans. This will, hopefully, be useful in standardizing businesses in unique ways.

Published: October 31, 2017

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