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5 Changeable Signage Options for Seasonal Marketing

By: Chris Garrett


When it comes to commercial décor, adaptability is one of the most important traits to consider. It is crucial to be able to adjust your marketing materials to keep up with sales, seasons, and other time-sensitive events. Adjustable décor materials will allow you to fill your location with holiday cheer, and to stash that holiday cheer away in favor of spring sales without needing your whole crew for a full day of labor. This will save not only time but money, and help keep your atmosphere fresh and current. These signage options will be interchangeable and reusable, making them ideal for temporary and seasonal displays.

These digitally printed wallpapers can be ordered in a wide variety of sizes with graphics that you design. They can be removed from the wall without damaging the paint or plaster beneath, and then stored and reused at a later date. This makes them perfect for signage that is only appropriate for part of the year, or for annual sales and promotions that you know your company will be repeating. They are generally priced by the area they’ll need to cover and anything less than 100 square feet should cost about $7.25 per foot. 
Vinyl banners are durable signs that are perfect for outdoor marketing, or for locations with large windows that face high-traffic streets or sidewalks. They are designed to be printed in a large format, and should last 3-5 years of exposure to sunlight. Their price is comparable to the custom wallpapers, running about $6.25 to $6.75 per foot. The per foot price does go down as the size increases, so if you have a large space to fill, don’t buy something smaller than you need in the hopes of saving a few bucks.
With these backlit display frames, you can highlight interchangeable posters that will catch your customers’ eyes. They can be filled with seasonal or more frequently changing materials, and used to promote specific products or temporary sales. They are perfect for new product promotion, and for highlighting a cycle of customer favorites. Some of these are available for under $200 each, and while it may seem like a high price tag, the professional look and adjustable nature of this investment make it worthwhile, and many companies offer their used light boxes at a reduced price. They also offer versions with a variable depth and more durable designs in order to hold up to the elements as an exterior sign and these can run over $2000, but most businesses will be able to meet their needs for a much more acceptable price tag. 
Using large, flat screen televisions to keep an active rotation of marketing materials on display is a great way to embrace technology and demonstrate to your customers your willingness to change with the times. The large initial investment these require may be too much for some businesses, but with the right software the graphics displayed can be designed for free in-house, and easily updated as often as necessary. They can also be controlled by a network, meaning that a central computer can be used to update them throughout the store or across locations. For a 46 inch display, prices begin around $830, and can climb as high as $1300. A 55 inch can range from $1200 to $2500.
Don’t overlook the value of low-tech display techniques that have stood the test of time. The a-frame sidewalk sign is adaptable and effective, and customers’ familiarity with it could be beneficial as well. These can be used with posters to be changed frequently, permanent painted signs, or chalkboard or letter blocks for updates that need to be made daily or weekly. They’re also a very affordable option, starting at $50 for the unit itself, $60 for the unit and the first sign. Of course, you can spend as much as $400 for a sturdy, wind-resistant stand with changeable letters and so on, but most businesses will fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum.
Seasonal and temporary marketing events can give your business an edge over the competition, and help keep it afloat through the lean months for your industry. Be sure to explore any display option that will help keep your branding fresh and your customers coming back to see what’s new.
Published: June 27, 2013

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