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3 Tips for Driving More EDU Leads

It may be summer now, but most young adults are already gearing up to head to school in a few short weeks. That means that now is the perfect time to talk about education lead generation.

Few verticals are as lucrative as for-profit education. Don’t believe us? Consider this—last year alone, private sector schools spent more than $4B on marketing. Combine a budget of that size with a market that’s made up of millions of students looking to fast-track their career paths, and there’s obviously a lot of money to be made in the EDU sector. But, in order to become successful in this highly competitive niche, you need to be able to optimize your campaigns. The following are three can’t miss tips for driving high volume EDU leads so that you can capitalize on this billion-dollar niche and take your business to the next level.

Create Student-Centric Content

By now, we all know the importance of creating and/or sharing high quality content. However, when your target market is as narrowly targeted as higher education, you need to ensure that your content is hyper-focused for potential customers. Thus, your goal should be to create or curate content that caters specifically to potential or current students and their interests. A great example of high converting student-centric content is something explaining the earning potential of a college degree versus a high school degree. An article detailing how much more opportunity there is for a college grad versus a high school grad should be interesting and motivating enough for potential students to click on your education link and get them moving down the path to conversion.

Focus on Social Media

Just like the importance of content marketing, it’s likely that you already know the significance of a solid social media presence, but when it comes to high school and college-aged students, social media is an incredibly important part of generating leads. There’s plenty of compelling evidence out there that suggests that millennials use social media to discover content, news, and trending topics, and are unlikely to trust brands, advertisers, or publishers that lack a solid social presence. So if you want to drive more education leads, you need to engage and interact with potential customers and prospective students on social media. Although they might not follow a link straight from your social network pages, they will want to see that you are a legitimate business and are interested and invested in their educational success.

Use the Right Tools

There are lots of great lead gen tools out there that can you help you optimize your content or campaigns to drive more leads, and it’s important to find the right tools and use them effectively. It’s also important to try to find a network or a platform that specializes in education, or at least has experience and prior success in that niche. Lead generation platforms like LinkTrust, for example, allow clients to run EDU offers and have experienced great recent success in the education space. They’ve also shared some great content that has proven their success via a handful of great education-focused blog posts as well. The moral of the story here—do your research, find lead generation tools and education-focused companies that work for you, and go for the gold!

This article was originally published by The Mail

Published: August 12, 2014

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