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Why Remote DBA is an Attractive Outsourcing Option

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Because of today’s economic slowdown, IT managers are being more than careful with their budgets. Any IT professional is constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency in their organizations. The most vulnerable workforce in the Information Technology department is the highly skilled and compensated database administrator (DBA).

Most, if not all, organizations are concluding that remote DBA services offer better and more affordable DBA management compared to hiring internal DBAs. Before delving into how remote DBA support services can help your organization, it is important to first look at the present DBA crisis.
The DBA Job Crisis
Currently, there is a natural barrier to entry to the DBA ranks. Two reasons inform this. First, there is a requirement that one must be skilled in both written and oral communications. The second natural barrier to entry is that entrants must have a superior technical ability.
Since DBAs are usually charged with the general design as well as implementation of apps, they must be knowledgeable in every area of business administration. They should be able to fluently converse with manufacturing managers, accountants, and other business professionals.
A good number of DBAs normally possess a Master’s degree from a major university. In most cases, the Master’s degrees cannot address the huge scope of database software. This becomes a major problem in the DBA field.
Today, most companies are having a difficult time attracting DBA talent with vast experience. Actually, very few individuals boast of the experience needed in the industry. Since entrusting beginners to run databases is risky, many organizations shy away from employing rookies. This is another notable crisis.
Why Many Companies Find Remote DBA Attractive
Remote DBA support services are attractive because of the following reasons:
Low Cost
With these services, organizations only purchase the services they require and within the levels they need them. Generally, full time DBAs normally cost more than $80,000 annually. Additionally, they require approximately $5,000 in training annually. Most companies with stable databases find it hard to justify these high costs. Consequently, they opt for remote DBA services.
Expert Support
According to Oracle Corporation white papers, over 75% of database errors today are because of human error. By hiring the services of a remote DBA, your organization avoids the potential downtime that is associated with human error. This makes the remote services necessary to companies.
High Availability
With the remote services, companies are usually assured that professional and competent experts who are always available to sort out any mess support their database. Remote DBAs are always available regardless of the time of day or night. One major problem of the full-time DBAs has to do with high attrition. This can be quite costly to companies.
Continuous Support
Because of the high attrition rates of DBA professionals, the average time on any project is usually three years or less. With a remote DBA support, managers in the IT industry are usually guaranteed that their database has a certified DBA at all times watching and monitoring the database.
Author: Jenny Richards is a freelance content writer. She has written many articles on technology, the internet, software, database, hosting etc. She is also a qualified remote dba support professional.
Published: April 17, 2015

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