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What Is a Counting Scale and How Can It Help Your Business?

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If you are in business, chances are good that you need to weigh things from time to time. You might need to weigh ingredients for a recipe, products for shipping, or waste for disposal. Counting scales can be a valuable tool in any business, but with so many different types on the market, it can be tough to choose the right one.Image Source

How Does It Work?

Counting scales are essential to many industries. They weigh objects like other scales but also count the number of items that are placed on the scale. Having a counting scale will make your job easier, especially if your business works with counting multiples things.

The counting scales work by inputting the individual average weight of an item. It will show you the total weight, piece part weight, and total count. The total weight is the total accumulated weight of your items that are being counted, and the total count will reveal the total number of pieces.

For instance, if a nail weighs 25 grams and you wish to count 100 grams of nails, the device will show how many 25 grams of the nail are on the scale. Once the scale has this information, you can add as many nails as you need to reach your target total count, without manually counting them.

For this reason, you must always input what item you are about to count to have more accurate counts.

Which Industries Use Counting Scales?

As mentioned, many types industries use this machine. As long as one of your tasks involves counting items, you can rely on counting scales. Here are a few of the industries that benefit


A counting scale helps manufacturers improve their efficiency by counting the raw materials used, monitoring manufacturing processes, and weighing the bundles of finished products.


The pharmaceutical industry uses the counting scale to produce the exact amount of ingredients for a medicine recipe. Since pharmaceutical products are critical for components and every recipe is closely monitored to avoid being compromised, that can affect the medicine’s quality.


Counting scales are used for constant and long-term use in the mining industry. The scale helps ensure that the weight is within the legal, acceptable weight for incoming and outgoing materials. The payload management also will be based on the weighing accuracy.

Food and Beverages

In the food trade, counting scales help maintain the proper portion control of the food to secure consistency and produce the desired product. The scale also helps with packaging operations to increase work efficiency and productivity.


Counting scales are usually used for packaging tasks in agriculture industries as they help increase productivity. You can save time by working continuously and not worrying about the weight, as the scale automatically tells you through its display or alarms for some scales.

How To Find The Right Counting Scale For Your Business?

When it comes to choosing the right counting scale for your business, there are a few things you need to take into account. The type of business you run, the products you sell, and the size of your inventory will all play a role in determining which scale is right for you.

Here are a few tips on how to choose the right counting scale for your business:

Determine The Average Weight Of Your Items

If you plan to use different types of materials in your counting scale, you should be aware of the possible average weight of the items per piece that you will be using. Since the counting scale has minimum piece weight specifications, the needed minimum weight for the scale might vary significantly per material.

The best way to determine the correct counting scale is first to check the average weight of your item per piece. This is so that you can select the resolution you will need for the counting scale.

Determine The Internal Resolution You Will Need

The resolution is the weighing range scale divided by the displayed total. Meanwhile, the internal resolution of a counting scale is responsible for determining the slightest weight change you can see on a scale.

Thus, the higher the internal resolution, the more accurate the scaling would be.  The scales in pharmaceutical companies have higher resolution and are the most accurate.

Avoid Purchasing a Counting Scale With Unnecessary Capacity

Although it is great to think ahead, sometimes, assuming that you might need to count heavier materials in the future is not ideal. Buying a scale with a larger capacity can compromise its resolution.

As mentioned, if your scale has a lower capacity, it might compromise the resolution that you will need.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, you must choose better ways to work more efficiently, which is why a counting scale might solve your problem. It is a highly versatile device, and many other work industries utilize the counting scales; not just the mentioned industry above. Now that you know how it can help you, you are ready to be more productive!

Published: March 22, 2022

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