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Small Business Guide to AC Repair & Maintenance

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As a small business, one of the most important elements of running your business includes your working space. Whether you run a brick-and-mortar store, you use an office block, or you have a warehouse, you need quality working conditions. And a large part of that comes from having working air conditioning (HVAC) units. Without quality air conditioning, especially if you live in a warm location like Denver, your business could see its performance suffer.

Air conditioning is vital to business management, as is maintaining good relationships with local repair shops for ongoing issues. That is why many companies work with AC repair, Denverbased specialists…or Tampa-based, or Detroit-based, or wherever you are, to solve their issues.

But before you call out a local specialist, what should you focus on in terms of repairs? What are the most important areas?

Checking out the air filters

First off, you should ensure that your AC has fully working air filters. Operational air filters play a big role in making sure air quality is consistent throughout your home. Air filters are either going to need to be cleaned and cared for or replaced on a semi-regular basis. Any AC unit with a disposable filter should have it replaced at the set intervals agreed upon installation. Making sure the filters are regularly cleaned and replaced avoids debris building up within the filters and ruining performance.

Securing the condenser fins

Another challenge that has to be part of AC repair and maintenance comes from the condenser fins. If a condenser fin has become damaged, then it will impact a smaller surface area. Build-up over time of debris and grime can lead to reduced and minimized airflow. This can be easily cleaned with a hose, but you should also keep an eye out for any fins which have been bent or otherwise damaged. Bent fins can be straightened back out where possible.

Cleaning the exterior

However, one factor that often goes unchecked in these systems is the outside unit. The external component of any AC unit has to be kept clean. This means getting rid of any debris and miss build-up and cleaning away any signs of dirt. You should particularly focus on the condensing coil, as this will impact how effective the refrigerants can be. So, make sure you shut down the unit and then give it a proper clean before powering it back up.

The exterior area around the condensing unit should be cleaned, too; look for anything like debris, foliage, and anything growing around the unit. This can stop it from being clogged up and thus avoid potential problems with the AC unit down the line.

Commit to regular maintenance

Making sure that you regularly clean your AC unit and check its filtration systems can go a long way to making sure that your system works as it should. Your business will benefit by having a system that is cheaper to run, more efficient, and less expensive to maintain. If you run into any common issues with your AC unit, such as failing to turn on/off, short cycling issues, or a lack of cooling efficiency, you should speak to a local HVAC expert in your area.

The sooner you solve that problem, the easier it is to get your business running at full efficiency and affordability moving forward. 

Published: May 20, 2022

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