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How to Pick the Right Fax Number for Your Business

By: Becky Wilson


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When picking a fax number, consider your business needs, overall market reach, and how you want to be perceived. A local fax number is ideal for businesses like restaurants, home repair shops, and clinics that operate in a specific region. It will connect you to your area and is fit for businesses that want to connect with their local community.

On the other hand, a toll-free fax number may be a better option if you expect regular faxes from customers across the country or globally. A toll-free fax number, which can greatly benefit e-commerce shops, helps establish credibility and gives the impression that you’re a large business.

Just like a regular phone number, a fax number is a unique identifier. But in the case of fax numbers, it’s used to send documents to a designated fax machine or server. All fax numbers look like phone numbers, the only difference being that the former connects to a fax machine instead of a telephone.

In some cases where a fax machine and phone are connected, a fax number can serve a dual purpose. As with phone numbers, the length of fax numbers depends on whether it operates locally or internationally. Typically, international fax numbers are longer due to the inclusion of area and country codes.

While online faxing doesn’t require a fax machine, phone line, or paper, the sender and recipient must have a fax number for transmission purposes. Online service providers use this as a means of business identification to connect users.

Already have an established presence with customers or clients who are familiar with your fax number? Or perhaps you need a robust faxing platform with great features? If so, it may be wise to retain an existing fax number by porting it to an online fax service. This cost-effective solution also enables you to not have to update your website, business cards, and marketing materials.

Types of Fax Numbers

There are a few different types of fax numbers. As such, make sure your online service provider offers all the options that fit your needs. Here are some types of fax numbers:

Local Fax Number

A local fax number typically has the same area code as a business phone number. It is restricted to a particular geographical area and its format is based on the city name and area code.

Toll-Free Fax Number

Also referred to as an international fax number, a toll-free fax number is used when communicating and/or doing business with international clients. By obtaining this type of number, it allows you to receive faxes from different area codes without the sender having to incur long-distance charges.

Existing Fax Number

Already have a number in mind? If you want to use it as a fax line, phone service providers can work their magic so it doubles as a phone number and a fax number. The online faxing service can also port this existing fax number onto the online service, allowing you to continue faxing with the same number online.

Vanity Fax Number

Vanity fax numbers are customized numbers associated with a particular business. Technically, a fax number doesn’t contain letters, but sometimes letters can be used to represent all or part of a fax number. When a phone and fax number contain letters, it is known as a vanity number, and they are easily recognized by customers and clients.

Improve Your Branding with the Right Fax Number

Fax numbers are unique and can be part of your branding. Not to mention, customers can identify your brand with your fax number if it’s easy to recall. Picking the right fax number is a simple way to stand out, improve organization, and simplify faxing. The best fax number for you is one that advertises your business before customers start reading the accompanying message.

Published: March 13, 2023

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