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Does Your Business Need a Task Management System?

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Does Your Business Need a Task Management System

If you own a business that has experienced growth then you’re probably familiar with the difficulty of keeping track of all the important tasks that need to be carried out daily. As you grow, the number of tasks, along with their complexity, will evolve. This creates a need to manage who is doing what, how long it is taking and when they are doing it.

A task management system empowers you to manage your entire team. Having a set list, a set goal, and a process for maintaining priorities can increase productivity tenfold.

A task management system completely empowers your team to work towards a common goal, and facilitates easy communication and collaboration. It also allows management across all of your teams to be simplified, and puts the control back into your hands.

What is a Task Management System?

A task management system is software, often cloud based, that allows for easy management of tasks and time within a business. Task management systems take the guessing and predicting out of management, and empower you to make smarter decisions based on real data. You can set tasks with prioritization in mind, and you can set deadlines on tasks and activities. You can also set milestones, goals, and requirements to ensure that anything that needs to be done, gets done.

What Options are Out There, and What is Best for Me?

There are many different task management systems out there, and not all systems do the same thing. There is however, a set of goals that all task management systems should aim to do, and some of these are:

  • Set and command tasks instantly and easily to make project management easier.
  • Enable cross worker collaboration with easy file sharing and communication.
  • Track and manage the costs of projects and tasks to identify what is profitable and to enable better resource allocation.
  • Present statistics and data in an easily digestible manner to allow for easier assessment on progress.
  • Be built on a scalable system that can grow as your business grows.

When you decide on what task management system you want to implement into your business, you should consider a few things. One of the most important is whether or not the system can be integrated with your existing systems, and also what else can integrate with the task management system directly. Remember, if you have too many separate systems, the complexity of managing them all can easily become a task in itself. The task management system that is right for you is the one that empowers you and your employees to work together more efficiently.

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Do I Need One?

Task Management Systems are useful to any business, even new ones. Investing in such a system will allow your employees to stay on track and keep up to date, which will in turn increase their productivity. Also, these systems are completely scalable so if you invest now, even as a small business, the system will grow along-side you. Task management keeps your employees sane, makes your life less complex, and shifts the focus away from management to working. The question is not, “Do I need one?” The question is, “Which one do I get?”

Author: Jake Stevens is a digital marketing executive for the company Netmatters LTD, writing for Sysflow LTD.

Published: October 9, 2015

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