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Top 5 HR Tips to Keep Your Workers from Leaving

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Top 5 HR Tips to Keep Your Workers from Leaving

Employees are the most important assets for any business and also the driving force behind its success. This is the reason entrepreneurs and business managers constantly experiment with many strategies to retain good employees. But unfortunately, in the bid to retain their workforce, they often tend to neglect the importance of employee engagement, which plays a pivotal role in ensuring employee loyalty and retention.

Cut the Mundane

This should be a top priority. HR managers should come up with creative ideas aimed at uplifting employee morale by breaking the monotony. Who knows? All it might take is a small treat or two to drive employee morale in your company.

How about throwing a surprise party or distributing cookies or chocolates to show you care for your employees and appreciate their endeavors?

Put in Effort for Social Engagement

HR managers need to put in effort to create a communication-friendly office environment. To start with, position workstations in such a way that your employees can freely communicate with each other. Send out anniversary and birthday wishes. Eureka! A personalized gift for a worker would go a long way to boosting employee morale.

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Provide Flexibility

A flexible work environment oozes positive vibes, helping employees to stay at ease, happy, and stress-free. For instance, many people prefer work-from-home facilities and flexible work time. In fact, millennials are more likely to stick with an organization that provides better work-life equilibrium.

Breaking norms, many organizations also offer extended leaves, gym memberships, free transportation, customizable workstations, free snacks, outings, coupons and various other perks.

Invest in Health Programs

Offering healthcare facilities works great in employee retention. Poor health is not just detrimental for employees, but is also damaging for a business. In fact, most of the health problems reported in the US are associated with stress, which is also a leading cause for many other devastating health conditions such as heart diseases, cholesterol problems, fatigue, obesity, etc.

Promote Two-Way Communication

Optimum employee engagement can be achieved only when employees feel the liberty to put forth their viewpoints and ideas freely in front of management. This can take place during those one-on-one meetings or via official communication channels like intranet, social media, company blogs, etc. The most crucial thing is follow-up, which is a must irrespective of whether the feedbacks are implemented or not.

Increasing employee retention rate has very little to do with pay, but a lot to do with social engagement, communication, and flexibility. Employing these tips is sure to help you nurture a happy and satisfied workforce that will stick with your business for years to come.

Got more tips to add here? Feel free to share in comments.

Author: Anwar Shaikh writes about Human Resource management and payroll solutions. Anwar writes for Pocket HCM, a leading provider of HR management solutions to small and mid-sized businesses all across India. You can find more about them on Facebook and Twitter.

Published: November 11, 2015

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