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The Positive Impact of Technology on HR Management

By: Gemma Moss


Positive Impact of Technology on HR Management

Recruiting and keeping top employees is a priority for every business. Even small and medium enterprises today compete in a large job market to attract excellent employees. As a result, technology has become the primary go-to technique for most employers to find employees, and to manage employee relations effectively. Here are some of the many ways technology is changing HR management.

The recruitment process

Every business regularly recruits employees for short-term positions and permanent positions. It can be hard to rely on manual resources and methods to fill headcount quotas within a specific period. Many companies today use digital solutions such as mobile apps and computer software to sort through thousands of applications and short-list the most suitable candidates for the job.

Daily tasks and managing employees

Day-to-day employee management is the most time-consuming task for HR managers. A lot of hours are spent on manually updating employee information. In addition to salaried employees, part-time workers paid hourly can be challenging to track. Some companies end up either underpaying or overpaying these employees which can be detrimental to the company’s bottom line.

If employees are not paid correctly, they can end up suing the company. To avoid these concerns, HR managers can make use of employee time tracking and attendance software such as a time clock app that will not only accurately record when an employee clocks in and out of the company premises, but also provide additional customizable features depending on the requirements of the company. One example of a useful feature is face recognition which increases security and integrity of timesheet data.

Improved human resource management

The majority of HR managers and recruiters today benefit from using technology. Although business owners can rely on the skills and knowledge of their employees, it also helps to have the technology to minimize the risks of making significant decisions such as hiring for critical positions within the organization.

But technology is not perfect, and applications are still being developed to address challenges such as the capability to predict trends and anticipate the outcome of individual decisions. In the meantime, however, technology is already ingrained in how most businesses manage their workforce nowadays.

What is in store for HR technology?

Technology is expected to penetrate the field of HR extensively. In the coming years, you can expect companies to welcome Artificial Intelligence and sophisticated Data Analytics. It is imperative that companies evolve as more jobs today are also becoming rooted in technology. Recruitment and employee management software will likely become smarter and more intuitive.

Companies that fail to recognize the relevance of technology in employee management will be left behind. Even small and medium businesses today appreciate and take advantage of digital solutions to make their operations much more manageable. Dealing with the headaches associated with HR processes is not to be endured and ignored. If you can find a convenient way to hire, keep track, and manage the needs of every employee within your company, you will have less to worry about regarding overall administrative responsibilities and also have more confidence in leading your managers as they perform their jobs with competence.

Published: May 14, 2019

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