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Should Your Small Business Hire Recent College Grads?

By: Parker Davis


Should Your Small Business Hire Recent College Grads

Most people know how unpredictable the future feels when you’re a new college graduate. 33.4% of the US population has a bachelor’s degree or higher. Many college graduates are starting their careers, entering a job market with a current historic low unemployment rate at 3.7%.

The question is if you want your small business to trust a college graduate. Are they going to be reliable? Will they be as useful as they claim to be on their resume? Won’t it be cheaper to get someone with experience because then at least you know that they know what they are doing?

The answers to these questions vary, but ultimately, it is definitely worth hiring college graduates to join your team.

As a small business, your main priority is to ensure new hires allow you to stay on the path of success. Millennials will make up more than half of the workforce by 2020. As a business owner, you cannot ignore this demographic.

Here are three reasons you need to consider hiring college graduates.

Company Culture Matters

While you might think your company has the best work culture, many college graduates find well-known large companies to be more appealing. It might not matter if you want to hire them if they are not looking in your direction in the first place. Ensure that when you decide to hire college graduates, you make your company stand out.

Small businesses need to emphasize growth opportunities within your company, compared to the big MNC in town. Market your job as a space to gain hands-on experience. Having a smaller organization chart also has the perk transparency in the hierarchy. Transparency ensures clearer communication channels and will help your team execute tasks better. Use this to your advantage.

Embrace Change

Education and technology change on a daily basis. Colleges today ensure students learn the most recent and efficient ways to do tasks in their fields through the use of new technologies.

Hiring college graduates to have the potential to revamp the system you are currently using. If your systems are even a few years out of date, you’re already behind. A young college graduate will help your team adapt to the necessary technological changes.

Time Flexibility

Most college graduates have more time on their hands compared to their more experienced counterparts. By hiring college graduates, you are hiring someone who is already used to working very hard and working for long hours.

With age differences and other personal commitments, experienced and older workers are less likely going to push themselves to go the extra mile.

College graduates are naturally attuned to be more adaptable than others. They have the ability to absorb materials and training faster than less flexible peers. Multitasking runs in their blood!

Find Your Next Hire Today

To answer the original question, it’s in your company’s best interest to hire new college graduates. Their contributions to a strong company culture, knowledge of technology, and flexibility all make them valuable additions to your team.

Published: September 16, 2019

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