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Emerging Trends of Human Resource Management


The year of the COVID pandemic is one of the exceptional years of modern history. And, for the human resource industry, this year was a great change with both positive and negative effects.

Do you have confusion about how COVID-19 positively impacts the HR industry?

Yes, you heard right….

COVID-19 forced the HR industry to adopt some unique strategies to continue their daily routine with the success goal of the business.

Altered in the human resource by a pandemic that reformulated the work approach. On the basis of reconsideration, some big things in the human resource are coming to pass.

Here are the 3 next big things in the human resource that will change the overall work image of the HR industry, indeed.

Remote Teams

Remote team or work remotely is one of the biggest things in the human resource industry. And this is the trend that earlier helped the whole industry to survive the pandemic storm.

As a result, the International Working Group (IWG) study clearly illustrates that remote work is not an exception anymore. But still, it is well on its way to turning to the norm across the countries and industries.

The acceptance graph of remote work will endure up. Employees are escalating who are preferring the work from home. Additionally, this trend, i.e., the big thing, empowers the businesses to work with the employees from different time zones; thus, the human resource can select the best talent without any uncertainty.

It can be said that it is a never-ending thing for the human resource industry…

Employee Wellness

The outbreak of COVID-19 widely affects humans’ physical as well as mental health. Thus, employees’ wellness straightaway creates an impact on the entire company, the team’s productivity and job performance.

Therefore, no need to wonder why employee wellness is th e next big thing in human resource.

As we are aware about the work of the human resource department; the first priority of HR is to ensure that the employees are joyful, motivated and pleasant in order to maintain organisational productivity.

Care for employees’ physical and mental health eventually leads the human resource toward a high retention rate. Hence, we’ll see more personalized health and wellness practices fuelled by employee data.

Platforms adopting gamification and wearables will proceed to develop, but there is a significant alteration of focus towards employee mental health.

Cloud-Based HR Software

When you hire remote employees, that means the HR department should be remote too. And, here is the comprehensive HR software that comes into the frame.  Currently, multitudinous all-in-one HR software exists in the market, namely iSmartRecruit.

The demand for cloud-based HR software is growing too fast, not only in a few countries but globally. The software is more scalable and easy to operate, and that is beneficial for fast-growing businesses.

HR software helps organisations to stay productive under any circumstances. Thus, in the future, almost the whole human resource industry is going to use this tool to streamline their HR activities.

Final Thought about Next Big Things in Human Resource

The next big things in the human resource are quite different from the assumption made before the year 2020. But, the pandemic dramatically made things above our expectations.

The things that were estimated to arrive after 4 to 5 years have been forcefully emerged and will continue to grow.

However, due to the pandemic, the HR industry had paused their work, but that is for a while. The modern HR people come with some extra power in the form of digital solutions as mentioned above.

These all are the existing and future trends in the human resource that are going to rule the whole industry.

Published: March 29, 2021

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