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8 Expert Hiring Tips to Unlock Your Team’s Potential

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Expert Hiring Tips to Unlock Your Teams Potential

Because employees of small businesses often wear multiple hats, finding the right hire can be essential. Before you set up your first interview, here are some tips on finding the right candidate for your new position.

  1. Know What You Want. Take the time to compile a list of daily duties and skills that really get to the bottom of why you are hiring in the first place. By having a clear agenda from Day 1, you will be in the best position to arm your candidate with what he or she needs to succeed in the new position.
  2. Be Clear. Be candid about what you have in mind for your new hire and how he or she fits into the bigger picture. Knowing what you are thinking only helps your new hire be able to better help you achieve your goals.
  3. Be Creative. As a small business, don’t feel stuck behind having to fill a traditional, full-time position. Consider whether a temporary or independent contractor position would be a better fit for your needs.
  4. Always Be Hiring. Good managers are always thinking about the future. Always be on the lookout for good talent, and hang out where they do. By attending conferences and other events where potential new hires can be found, you are better equipped to make and maintain high-quality connections.
  5. Incentivize. Flexible hours, wellness programs and working remotely are a few incentives out there that can help beat the competition when it comes to hiring new talent. Check out job ads for your position to see what other companies are offering.
  6. Don’t Settle. While it’s tempting to be in a hurry to fill a position, it could be even costlier to move forward with the wrong candidate. Hold your ground until you find a candidate that best fits your realistic, clearly defined needs.
  7. Involve Employees. If you have employees you are currently happy with, there’s a good chance they know where other strong candidates can be found. In addition, involving your employees in the process can be good for morale.
  8. Don’t Forget Onboarding. Make sure your new hire starts off on the right foot by giving them a proper welcome from the team. Small touches such as a celebratory lunch or a welcome swag bag can go a long way in starting a new hire off on the right foot.

Cash CaryAuthor: Cash Cary is owner of FirstOption Staffing, which connects job applicants to companies seeking new hires. With the motto of “helping people build better lives,” FirstOption advocates selecting the right job candidate for a productive, happier and lower-stress environment.

Published: May 5, 2016

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