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5 Ways to Effectively Train New Hires

Companies typically spend countless time and money hiring the ideal candidate, but then tend to stop such efforts before the training stage. It’s no secret training programs can be pricey, but are they worth it? Chances are, you need your new employee to be trained and ready to work yesterday, but skipping a proper training program is not the way to go.

The most important asset to any company is their employees. Having well trained and, more importantly, happy workers on your team will be the only way your business succeeds in the long run. The most effective way to create happy employees is to implement a solid and meaningful training program from day one. Take the ideas below and revamp your training program, well, yesterday. 
Mission and Vision
In order to create purpose and drive in your new employees, be sure to incorporate your company’s concept, vision, and message in every step of the process. Rather than limiting your training methods to the knowledge and skills the employee’s position requires, allowing them to truly understand and relate to the company vision will increase productivity from the start.
Showing the newest employees the vision behind the company on day one will help elicit the same passion you had when you started the business. When working with a sense of drive and direction, any person’s job will instantly become more enjoyable and more meaningful. 
One of the best things to do for your new employees is give them a glimpse into every department of your business. Yes, you hired them for their specific skills in one area, but a brief cross-training will ensure understanding, respect and camaraderie among co-workers.  
Similarly, depending on the size of your company, you may need newer employees to dip into various roles throughout their time there. With at least a brief base of knowledge, employees are more likely to become team players in these situations. 
Write It Out
Having a training manual is vital throughout the hiring process. Allowing your employees to visually see where you want them to be is huge. A manual will help explain the company’s goals and expectations in a straightforward, well-organized manner. Supervisors can encourage new hires to use the manual as a study guide and reference point, rather than fielding otherwise time-consuming questions. 
Set Goals
Right from the start it is important to encourage your employees to not only set but also be rewarded for reaching goals. It can be something small, like reading an industry related article and writing a short summary of it or having them create monthly blog posts. These benchmarks will keep employees informed, ambitious and ahead of the competition. 
Furthermore, an effective way to help new employees feel included and give them a voice right away is to assign a new company project that promotes teamwork and responsibility.  
Offer Incentives
A great way to keep employees engaged and excited about their work is to offer incentives. We’re not talking a pay raise for simply doing your job, but small tokens of appreciation. Create a contest in each department for the employee who reaches the most monthly goals. Reward them with the manager’s parking spot, or a gift card to their favorite coffee shop. Cleveland Brothers construction offers an incentive program for the employees who sell the most equipment. This contest fosters healthy competition and is a great reward system.
Have Fun
Last, but certainly not least, having fun and presenting a welcoming environment is important. All companies have different cultures, some more corporate and others laidback. While keeping this culture consistent throughout, show your new employees that they are welcomed, valued and you are excited to have them. An employee who feels valued right from the start is guaranteed to work day and night to live up to such worth. 
Training new hires properly is one of the best things you can do for your business, no matter the size, vision or environment. Allowing them to feel part of your team right away through presenting trust and clear expectations will help everyone involved. The first step to building a better business is through having the best employees; why not start this process as early as you possibly can?
Published: November 1, 2013

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