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You Need to Brag More About Work Accomplishments

By: Gemma Moss



It’s understandable if you don’t love talking about what you accomplished at work. Many people will find that attitude off-putting. They think that you’re bringing other people down because of your attitude.

The truth is that on many occasions, you’re not bragging enough. You deserve to keep talking about what you accomplished because you worked hard for it. There are ways to be proud of what you did without looking terrible.

You involved others

You didn’t reach that level of success alone. There were people with you along the way. Therefore, if you talk about success, you also recognize their efforts. They made it possible for you to pursue that project. When you brag, it’s not just about yourself but the hard work of every member of your team. Some of them might also feel motivated to do better if you tell everyone how hard they worked.

You made timely decisions

There was a process that led you to that accomplishment. It took a while before you got there. If you worked hard for it, you deserve to brag about it. Some people succeeded by taking a short cut. You didn’t, and you went through several obstacles to succeed. There were instances when you didn’t have enough resources, but you kept pushing through. You also tried to request more office supplies and stationery supplies and other things you needed to get the project done. It’s more than enough to say that you deserve to talk about your success.

You deserve a promotion 

How many times did you feel like you deserved a promotion, but you didn’t get it? You failed not because you didn’t deserve it, but no one saw your effort. If you talked about it more often, it would be easier for others to recognize you. They will see that you also deserve a spot on top.

It shows how tough of a leader you are

When you talk about your accomplishments, you uplift others. It shows that you believe in them, and you’re an excellent leader. If your success was a team effort, you might be better than other teams. Saying it out loud means that you’re a great leader. You recognize what everyone did to get there. Being quiet about it means that you’re not proud of what your team accomplished. It will make them feel discouraged to do better in the future.

It’s not about screaming what you did

Being proud of your accomplishments doesn’t mean you have to shout it at the top of your lungs. There are ways to tell others what you did. You can start by creating an accomplishment report that your bosses can read. Specify the responsibilities of your team members and what they did to help the project succeed. You can also report your success to the marketing team. They can publish a post on your website or other platforms that explain what you did to be successful.

Remember that when you talk about success, it’s not only about what you did. It’s also not about telling other people that they are losers. You’re proud because you worked hard for it, and that’s enough of a reason.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/Ti7LQ0r-zy4

Published: March 18, 2021

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