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4 Ways to Motivate Employee Success

By: Scott Resnick


Ways to Motivate Employee Success

The margin of difference between being a good business owner and a great business owner is often very slim. As a result, crossing that threshold tends to be fairly simple. One excellent step you can take is to improve the dynamic between you, the employer, and your crew of valued employees. Motivating your team to succeed and take pride in their work often goes hand in hand with being a more effective leader, communicator, and overall business owner. To help you down this path, we’ve listed our four effective tips below.

1. Lead by Example

As the famous saying goes, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Hard work and genuine enthusiasm for the job are contagious, and a great leader behaves in ways that inspire others to follow. If you show that you believe in your company, its objectives, and your team’s ability to meet their goals, your employees won’t be able to resist doing the same.

2. Prioritize Communication

Creating internal communication within your company requires consistent, meaningful effort. If you’ve been away for business or are resorting to communicating only through emails, consider scheduling a sit-down meeting with your team. Face-to-face communication is integral to clearly state expectations, exchange feedback, and ensure everyone in the office is well-informed and ready to tackle their individual jobs. Without these regular in-person motivational meetings, propelling your team to succeed is actually a lot more work too.

3. Create Incentives

Sometimes people need a little extra motivation. To light a fire in your team’s hearts, create incentives for them to reach. A bit of friendly competition never hurt either! For instance, if an employee is the first person to meet a certain goal for the week, award them an extra day off, low-cost rewards such as gift cards, a cash bonus on their paycheck, or even exclusive product samplings from The Work Perk.

4. Offer Praise

No doubt your employees respond positively when they’re praised for a job well done. Indeed, high levels of self-motivation at work are difficult to maintain when the boss doesn’t appear to notice or care. We’re only human, after all. So if you’ve noticed a member of your team going the extra mile, tell them. You don’t need to heap on the praise. But the occasional high-five, such as a genuine compliment during a work meeting or a glowing sentence in their performance report, goes a long, long way.

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Published: March 14, 2018

Source: TTI Houston

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