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Why Holiday Parties Are Important Even for Small Businesses

By: Jenna Hilton


Why Holiday Parties Are Important

If you have a small business of fewer than ten employees, you might be tempted to give the office holiday party a miss. Surely these types of celebrations are reserved for big corporations? With all the fuss that goes into a holiday party and the need to book early, it is clear that they can be tricky to organize if you are not prepared. However, the end-of-year party should be an important date in your office calendar. Let’s take a look at why.

It Can Be Scaled for Your Business

While the big corporations are able to hire out hotels and ballrooms for their parties, you are going to have to make do with something a bit smaller. There are many Christmas party ideas for your office event which are suitable for small business. Team Tactics specialize in treasure hunts to various locations. These plus a slap-up meal afterwards might be all you need for a brilliant holiday party.

It’s a Thank You

One of the most important reasons to have an office night out is to say thank you to your staff for their hard work over the year. They will have no doubt worked very hard to bring you some excellent results and you should give a little back to them.

It is also a fantastic motivator. If you can show how thankful you are after a year’s hard work, it can motivate the team to work even harder next year. You always want to keep things moving forward in search of the next level for the business. Set the tone in the holiday party; just because things are fun and light-hearted does not mean that you can’t prep the team for a fresh new year of hard work.

It Allows Everyone to Let Their Hair Down

After a year of hard work, it is nice to let everyone relax a little. By taking the party out of the office and into another venue, you will be able to allow everyone to relax and enjoy themselves. Any of the restrictions they place on themselves while in the office will hopefully be put to one side and everyone can truly relax. It allows the staff to get to know each other and can lead to some positive teamwork and collaboration in the future.

It Lets You Demonstrate Your Leadership Qualities

Let’s be honest, only a Scrooge of a boss would stop a Christmas party. Such an event allows you to show your leadership qualities in a different manner than you would in the office. You get to demonstrate your sense of fun and your commitment to providing a good working environment for your employees. It will also provide a reflection of your leadership qualities overall. If people are happy to see what you have planned in something as minor as the office party, they will have more faith in you as a manager and a leader when a big business deal is on the table.

Don’t be naïve enough to think that the office holiday party does not matter. More often than not, the party will help to set the tone for the rest of the year. If you are able to provide a quality party which everyone enjoys, they will feel more comfortable and able to take on the work of the new year. It also allows everyone the much-needed opportunity to relax. The sooner you can start planning your office holiday party, the better. Come up with a killer concept and get ready to wow your employees soon!

Published: October 29, 2019

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