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4 Unusual Ways to Re-Energize Your Team

By: Usman Raza


Unusual Ways to Reenergize Your Team

Often, managers are required to get their employees motivated and full of energy. Periodically, employees experience doldrums or feel they are stuck in a rut. Therefore, it is the manager’s job to find ways to re-energize team members and employees. Here are some tips you could try to get your employees and team members motivated to keep working.

1. Team Building Retreats

Companies who want to motivate their employees should consider an office holiday or retreat. You could choose an exotic destination, such as the Longsheng Rice Terraces of China, walk the holy pilgrimage of Camino de Santiago, go golfing in Scotland, or you could pick a place closer to home, such as Orlando, Fla., or Yellowstone National Park.

Many adventure companies have team-building retreat packages that operate in North America or Europe. These retreats or vacations provide you with a unique opportunity to connect with your staff members in a social setting and provide them with the same chance to get to know you on an interpersonal level. It can raise spirits and help with maintaining a friendly atmosphere.

2. Refocus on Purpose

Sometimes, you and your employees get stuck in the day-to-day routine and forget what the company’s mission is. Find time to remind your employees and team members what the company’s mission is and how each individual can help make the mission a reality. You could do this at a company picnic, an all-hands staff meeting or during the work day where the managers tell employees they can avoid working to discover how each individual is valued.

Giving people time where they don’t have to work but get paid anyway helps them enjoy working for your company. When individuals feel like their ideas matter, they are more motivated to keep working for you. When they connect with your company’s mission, they are more likely to excel in their jobs.

​3. Celebrate Accomplishments

Helping employees and team members feel their work is valued and appreciated starts with celebrating accomplishments:

  • Have office parties when a sales representative meets a difficult goal.
  • Give awards to employees regularly.
  • Bring a cake to the office to celebrate a good idea that turned into revenue for the company.
  • Send positive e-mails regularly showing that employees are welcomed and valued.

Often, companies take the opposite approach by punishing workers who make mistakes. Instead of punishing mistakes use the mistakes to show how employees can improve and learn from them. An occasional bonus also goes a long way to making them feel valued.

4. Good Management is Personal Management

When you are managing your employees, remember they are people with lives outside work. Get to know them personally. Ask questions that you want answered. For example, don’t ask, “How was your weekend?” Instead, ask, “I know you attended that concert on Saturday. What piece was most memorable to you?”

Get a conversation going that helps you understand who your employees are. Take an interest in their lives because it makes them feel more energized and inclined to do good work.

Overall, these are four ways that you could use to connect with your team members and help to re-energize them. If you take the time to look after someone and pay attention to his or her needs, you will find that it’s not difficult to keep someone happy. In a lot of instances, your team members want to be noticed and respected.

These tips avoid employee burnout and help your productivity in the long run. When people are happy at work, they tend to do good work, which will make your clients happy too.

Published: June 20, 2019

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