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The Secrets to Resilience

By: Jeff Bullas


Secrets to Resilience

“There’s only one thing that’s worse than having an unhappy childhood, and that’s having a too-happy childhood.” – Dylan Thomas

Research shows that the majority of successful people had a tough start to their lives.

But we can’t choose that.

That just happens.

Maybe being happy is overrated.

So the reality is that some of us have more resilience than others dialed in.

Then it became embedded in their DNA.

And being innately fragile is sometimes unseen.

The human condition

As humans we play on the edge of success, chaos and tragedy.

This often happens while we are planning our lives.

That is the human condition.

The unexpected intersects with stability and security.

Events beyond our control.

We need resilience to ride over these speed humps.

But many of us aren’t prepared for those events.

Building muscle

Being born with resilience is one thing. But most of us need to work at it.

You can develop that muscle.

There are routines and habits that allow us to manage our emotions, handle situations with some clarity and ride out the storm.

Being resilient is a range of skill sets.

Born out of experience, necessity and an attitude to never settling.


Never giving up.

Finding a way.

You are not alone

Many have gone before us.

Risen above what life has thrown at them.

Laughing at the enemy.

Smiling at the intruder.

What is it that allows them to thrive?

Instead of being overwhelmed.

Or paralyzed with fear.

An opportunity?

Challenges should be seen as an opportunity to grow.

That is mindset.

It is also an approach and set of success habits that will help you build your resilience to life’s tests.

If you are an entrepreneur or you are still breathing then this life skill will be called on.

Stuff happens to all of us when we least expect it.

But when it shows up you can be prepared.

Here are some tips to being resilient and rising above the pain, torment and trauma that will show up.

The secrets to resilience.

  1. Practice being grateful. Being thankful for the small things in life puts your problems into perspective. That means you can laugh at the absurdity of the thoughts that can sometimes produce energy sapping anxiety.
  2. Take some small risks and get used to small failures. No matter how prepared you are this happens to everyone. So when the bigger mistakes show up you will know that it is usually never fatal but just a warning sign. This helps you to be more prepared or to not do it again.
  3. Don’t worry about what you can’t control. Look after what you can and dismiss what you can’t control. You will have to ride them out.
  4. Live in the Now – (sometimes called mindfulness). Our mind often runs the show. It often overwhelms us with imagined future foes. Running your life. Even when it hasn’t happened. This one habit can be practiced and it works. I discovered this over 10 years ago.
  5. Reduce stress with exercise. Being too busy to exercise will catch up with you.  And when you most need endurance the body can’t support your spirit. We are not just minds and bodies in different boxes. It is all connected.
  6. Practice meditation. Being too busy to stop and “be” is setting yourself up to be overwhelmed. The art of being still is an investment in the future. Lay the foundation for a more productive day. A more resilient you.
  7. Ask for help. Successful people know they can’t do it solo. They know they can’t do it all. They understand when they need to ask for a helping hand. It isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s smart. But this can only work when you have invested and given to others over the years.

These are daily habits that are vital for being ready for “that” event.


You can’t control some things that will turn up at your front door.

But your attitudes, habits and mindsets can be trained to make it easier.

Are you prepared?

Published: July 10, 2018

Source: Jeff Bullas

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