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How to Work If You’re Too Busy to Work

By: Deb Bixler


How to Work if Youre Too Busy to Work

Too busy to work?

At some point, no matter how busy you are, when you have a home business you must work in order to get paid!

If you feel as though everyone is pulling at you from every side and you are just plain too busy to work then it may be time to look at your situation and regroup!

How to Work When Too Busy to Work

The first step in balancing a work at home business with a busy life is to analyze your work and life balance to determine if you are prioritizing things that should be prioritized or giving a lot of time to things that may not be so important.

What kinds of things are keeping you busy?

Are they as important to you as your business?

With a careful examination of your life and time commitments you may find that some of the activities that take up the most time are not even on your most important list!

Make Good Use of Time

We all have the same amount of time in a day.

No one manages time…. you only manage your commitments!

Use Time Pockets

We all have little pockets of time to use as we please. The 15 minutes in the waiting room. The 10 extra minutes before you have to leave for the show. The 40 minutes after the kids go to bed and before your favorite show starts.

All of these time pockets can be used to work your business or to be wasted in some other way.

Keep an Accurate and Dynamic List

Most people do create lists, yet becoming an effective list user takes practice.

My list is 3 columns: ASAP – SOON – Some Day!

With a constantly changing list, you can use your pockets of time for business and be effective.
Good time managers just manage their commitments and use their time wisely!

10 minutes, hmmm…. what can I do in 10 minutes? Do it, and cross it off!

Write a Schedule

With a family, a real job and the many other commitments that you have in life it is important to write a schedule for your business.

A written schedule accomplishes many things which we have outlined in great detail in another post about why you should write a schedule for your business.

Briefly, a written schedule sets a professional tone to your business.

It tells you, your family and your customers when you are working and creates an expectation for all involved in your life that you will in fact be working at certain times.

All successful businesses have a schedule and so should you.

Work a Business in “Power Hours” or Blocks of Time

When you include in your home office schedule blocks of time that are designated as a power hour you will be consistent and efficient.

With a couple of solid power hours a week with predetermined work assignments you will keep a consistent activity level that is essential to a work at home business.

Busy People Use Big Impact Habits

A big impact habit is one that is simple to do daily and so simple that you can do it forever. The habit then becomes a big impact on your business because you consistently work your business in small increments forever and it really does add up!

It could be something as simple as making 2 customer care calls every day—forever! While that does not seem like much, the impact will be huge!

Working your business, when everything is pulling you in other directions, is a commitment that you can make by incorporating a few systems that keep working even when you cannot!

Remember… you are not the only one who is busy these days!

Published: August 14, 2019

Source: Create a Cash Flow Show

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