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7 Ways to Find Your Mentor

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Running a small business is hard work, and having the right mentor can mean the difference between struggling and succeeding. A mentor has the connections that you haven’t yet developed, and is able to see a few more steps into the future with relative ease. Everyone could benefit from a little more guidance, so it may be time to start hunting for the perfect mentor.

1. Attend Networking Events

As a small business owner, you’re already familiar with what a productive resource networking can be. Trade events and expos are important events for promoting your business and making the valuable connections you need for the continued success of your business. Some of the businesses at these shows are bound to be more successful than yours, and the people who have already achieved goals akin to your own may be able to serve as mentors.

2. Always Be Prepared to Give Your Pitch

A strong pitch will take you very far. The same pitch you use to find new customers, distributors, or suppliers can also be used to help you locate mentors. When you’re giving your pitch, you may not know the capabilities of the individual you’re pitching to. Always be receptive to any feedback you receive on your pitch. Developing relationships with others might lead you to the perfect mentor.

3. Reach Out Directly

Maybe you already know who you’d love to work with. Research other businesses, and become familiar with the ideals you’d need in a mentor. If you’ve found someone you believe would be a perfect fit, it never hurts to shoot them an email. The worst thing they can say is no. If they decline, go back to the drawing board. Many people love becoming mentors or advisors for other business owners, and being direct in your inquiry can cut a lot of the guesswork out of the process.

4. Investigate Your Current Network

You might already know the perfect mentor, but you met this person under different circumstances. Business relationships are prone to shift from time to time. A contractor you’ve worked with in the past can become the perfect mentor. Evaluate the skills of all of your current connections, and you may find a mentor hiding amongst the bunch.

5. Talk to Similar Professionals

Some of the strongest industry bonds are forged through mutual passions. Every business owner or consultant is following their dreams, and a lot of these dreams will have overlap with your own. When meeting similar professionals, get into deep conversation. Talk about the things that really matter to you, and the minor details that form the landscape of your business vision. A great mentorship starts with a strong connection.

6. Consider Former Educators

The same person who taught you the foundation of business may be able to teach you how to achieve your full potential. College professors spend most of their time teaching, and not a lot of time doing – and a lot of them are eager for opportunities to apply their knowledge to the real world. If you had an excellent relationship with a former educator, look this person up on a professional social network. This person is already invested in your success, and may be excited for the opportunity to help you continue on the right path.

7.  Turn to Mentor Websites

If you aren’t having much luck exploring different avenues to find a mentor, you can always use a preconfigured solution. A number of professional networks exist solely to bridge the connection between business owners and potential mentors. These people are actively looking to assume the role you’re trying to fill.

There’s a mentor for everyone. You might find the process of finding the right mentor takes a while, but it’s better to hold out for a mentor who will be of real value to your small business. In the meantime, continue to learn and grow. The more you know, the less you’ll need help with down the road.

Author: Layla Fenston is a writer behind eVoice Australia – a premier provider of virtual telecommunications solutions in Australia. Passionate about helping others achieve success in their careers, Layla regularly writes about small business and entrepreneurship.

Published: October 14, 2016

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