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Striking a Balance with Lenders


Starting a small business is not always easy. There can be pain and anguish involved with starting your own business—but the right preparation can help. Small businesses need to be funded with enough capital so that they can fulfill all their needs. Finances should be secured for expansion of an existing business, for purchase of property, and to meet working capital needs. Entrepreneurs should also work on a sound business plan so that their business never fails.

It is very important that a business follows certain steps to find business funding.
Specify Loan Amount Needed
While applying for business loans it is necessary to specifically mention how much is needed to run a business operation. For this reason, some homework is necessary. Submitting applications with unspecified loan figures means that banks will have to find out how much a business qualifies for. This is extra work for a bank. What lenders want is borrowers who indicate due diligence and ask for a realistic amount while filing loan applications.
A Good Payback Strategy
Irrespective of the size of the loan requested, lenders want to confirm that the business is in a position to repay in full or as scheduled. So, a good payback strategy should be arrived at. The business should display its past performances and future expectations so that the lender can rely on the borrower. It is good to give proof of payment of earlier debts.
Complete Paperwork
A loan request should be supported with necessary documentation. Complete paperwork is mandatory. It involves providing the lender with the right business plan and up-to three years of tax filings and other statements so that a company’s stability and long-term prospects can be relied upon.
Collaterals Mandatory
A lender wants to see that the money it is lending is being managed responsibly. So, it is important to be ready to offer collaterals. The collaterals can be in form of valuable property, vehicles, inventory and equipment. It can also be personal business investments and cash deposits. The offer should be such that it appears attractive to a lender.
Build a Relationship
It is important to strike on a long term relationship with the lender. Bankers want to reach at an understanding with companies to whom it is interested to make loans. A good relationship can ensure that the borrower becomes a permanent client of the lender.
Other Options
Small business loans can also be secured through channels other than the traditional ones. So, if a bank denies a loan application, then a business can approach the SBA or any number of alternative lenders to find rewards so as to induce growth and progress of a business organization.
This article was originally published by Biz2Credit
Published: July 12, 2013

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