3 More Important Ways to Build a Strong Financial Foundation for Your New Business

Your first month of business can be the most stressful and harried time as a business owner — you likely have a to-do list...

6 Mistakes That Kill Kickstarter Campaigns, and How to Avoid Them

Kickstarter is filled with overnight success stories—from Pebble to Ouya—who turned brilliant ideas into millions of dollars and national exposure. It's easy to attribute their success to amazing products, the rise of crowdfunding, and a magic dose of virality.

Tax Consequences of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter, GoFundMe, Indiegogo, and Lending Club have become increasingly popular for both individual fundraising and small business owners looking for...

Home Office Deduction Changes for 2013

If you use your home for business, there are expenses you can deduct on your tax return. The home office deduction is available to both home owners & renters alike. The home must be used by a self-employed individual or an employee who works from home for his employer's convenience.

A Stress-Free Guide to Finding More Cash

There is a saying in business: “Revenue is vanity, cash flow is sanity, but cash is king.” While it might look impressive to have...

5 Ways of Caring for Your POS

No matter how durable your POS hardware is, it is still subject to wear and tear because of long hours of operation every day....

Small and Home Businesses Commonly Overlook These Deductions

Most small business owners are so busy managing their everyday businesses, that when tax season rolls around they just want to get the dreaded...

A CPA’s Real Job

CPAs think their important job is to complete and file clients’ taxes during tax season. If you’re a CPA or bookkeeper, the most important job...

The Real Costs of Accepting Credit Cards

While accepting credit cards helps your business bring in more revenue, it does come with a cost. Don't be shocked to find out after you start working with a merchant card processor that there are hidden fees.

You Have to Understand Your Financials

Every business owner must understand and maintain their financial statements. By being unable to do so, many entrepreneurs get themselves into some major issues on so many fronts.

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