Larry Keltto

Larry Keltto has been a solopreneur since 1993, when he founded Straight River Media, a marketing-communications business that he still owns. He’s the author of two books on solopreneurship, and you can find him at, a website where he publishes resources for aspiring, new, and established solopreneurs. He lives in Owatonna, Minnesota. He can be reached at


Who Wins in a Fight: Clever or Clear Subject Lines?

Marketing often is about standing out, being distinctive, and coming up with “clever” taglines and slogans. But when writing to your e-mail list, do clever subject lines really work as well as clear subject lines?

The Combination That Gives Solopreneurs a Great Chance to Succeed

If you have passion, talent, and a market, then the odds of solopreneurial success are high. But what if you don’t have all three? What combinations will work and which ones won’t?