Kate Supino

Kate Supino is a freelance writer and small business owner who writes extensively about best business practices.


Are Job Boards the Route to Take in Hiring Help?

Job boards offer many benefits to small businesses seeking to taking in help, as well as benefits to employees look for work. Here are some reasons why job boards may be the answer to your hiring needs, along with another look at why they may not be.

Small Businesses Can Challenge the Big Boys

Remember the story of David and Goliath? Your small business may not have an immediate need to take down a giant corporation that’s like a Goliath, but it would be nice to know your small company presents some kind of challenge.

Is Your Company Sustaining Sales?

Is your sales team performing lackluster in spite of efforts to improve sales and service techniques? Do they keep slipping back into old ways instead of embracing the changes you’ve been training them to accept?

Combining Email and Video Marketing: Yay or Nay?

The fact that you’re contemplating incorporating an online video platform into your company’s marketing strategy is proof that video has already appeared on your radar screen. It’s not just your imagination. Video is shouldering a much broader role in turning interested browsers into paying customers.

How Does What Your Customers Read Online Affect What They Purchase?

With so much consumer faith being put into online reviews, it pays to understand how your online reputation affects what—if anything—customers purchase from your company.

Need to Cut Corners? 9 Tips for Dealing with a Budget Cut

The economy in the past few years has not been kind to businesses owners. Sometimes you can’t cling to idealistic notions of how your business should be run, and hard tactics have to be implemented to ensure the survival of your company.

10 Tips for Setting Rules and Guidelines for Your Interns

Your experience with interns can be a positive one if you provide excellent guidelines and training. Even if you are not able to eventually offer them a permanent position, your role as their corporate mentor and possible reference is invaluable to their future success in their chosen field.