Erin Steiner

Erin Steiner is a freelance writer from Oregon who specializes in small business, personal finance, and Internet-related topics.


Real Time vs. Near Time Data Integration

You might not see it on the surface, but your company collects tons of data. With every visit to your website and every transaction that takes place there, you should be collecting the basic demographic information of your buyers and what they like to buy.

Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements for Your Company Vehicle

Providing vehicles for your employees is one of the best perks you can offer. Of course, providing company vehicles means insuring those vehicles, and doing that can get complicated.

Does Your Office Space Send the Right Message to Clients?

Your business makes an impression even before clients or customers get through the front door. No, we’re not talking about your company’s website (though that is important).

Salary vs. Hourly: How Are You Paying Your Employees?

What is the best way to pay the people who work for you? Should you pay them by the hour, or would putting everybody on salary be a better idea? There are benefits and drawbacks to both options.

SEO No-Nos: These Techniques Will Destroy Your Reputation

We all know that the average web user is not likely to comb through lots of pages of search engine results to find what they want. The average web user probably won’t look past the second page of search engine results. That’s why you work so hard on your SEO—to make sure your site isn’t just indexed but that it gets ranked highly so people will actually see it.

10 Ways to Attract the Right Kind of Investors

When you’re initially starting up your company, any investment can feel like a welcome investment. The reality is that not all money is created equal. There are investors you want to attract and others you don’t.

Outsourcing Payroll vs. Doing It In-House

When you first started your business, doing the payroll was pretty easy. You paid yourself and maybe one or two employees. You could do the whole shebang in a couple of hours using desktop PC software. Now, though, your company has grown.