For businesses that use PayPal for money management or otherwise dabble in the world of software tools, PayPal’s Cash and Customer Management Package offers a unique opportunity to purchase several management software accounts under a single subscription plan for $90/month. In this tech review, I’d like to outline the services available through PayPal’s new package deal and how they can be useful to your business.

Manage Your Bills
The first service included in the package is a billing service that’s run through In addition to providing automated billing payment and approval, the service allows businesses to project and plan for future cash flow with 3-month forecasting reports.
Maintain Your Books
The second software included in PayPal’s package is Outright’s bookkeeping and tax preparation service. With Outright, businesses can automatically import sales and expense transactions, which are organized for profit and loss reports and categorized for tax purposes.
Manage Your Customers
A leading CRM tool, is also included in PayPal’s package. The service enables businesses to develop a deep understanding of what drives purchasing decisions by dividing customers into segments and saving information specific to each individual.
Manage Your Email
Finally, businesses can take advantage of email marketing with Constant Contact as a part of their PayPal package. The service allows businesses to create custom emails from hundreds of templates, manage up to 5,000 contacts, and securely store files in one place.
PayPal’s price point of $90/month offers a 40% discount on the normal price of all the above-mentioned services combined. Aside from the financial impact of a unified service package, the convenience of managing a single monthly payment could be a valuable time saver for businesses that have more important things to take care of. Each plan come with 30-day free trial, so there’s very minimal risk to seeing if the PayPal’s service package is right for you.
Matt Gossett
Matt Gossett is a writer and editor for Tarkenton Companies. A graduate of Washington and Lee, Matt is currently studying International Business at the HEC School of Management in Paris. He specializes in leadership issues, combining insight from business, athletics, and education. Connect with him on