As a salesperson, I am always wondering what I can do to be more efficient with my time. I also wonder in what ways can I reach out to more people and communicate more effectively. In the past, I have found that I am usually spending most of the work day calling and hunting down potential customers and leads. I am always “just missing them” and advised to “try again later,” or I am just not getting through to anyone at all. Frustration has caused me to often brainstorm different ways to combat getting sent off during my attempts to connect. Wouldn’t it be nice to play “Big Brother” and just know when your leads engage with your website or emails?

In fact such a thing does exist in an application called Sidekick, and it is a great tool to help salespeople keep track of their leads.

What is Sidekick and What Does it Do?

Sidekick is a sales enablement program created by HubSpot to integrate seamlessly across multiple email clients and CRM systems, such as HubSpot or Salesforce. This handy tool gives you real-time notifications on how your customers are interacting with your content. You can access Sidekick through an extension available on Google Chrome or on its website to directly view insights on the activity of your leads.

Long gone are the days where you have to wonder if your email has been sent. Sidekick offers intuitive email tracking that lets you know instantly when your messages have been opened. This is extremely helpful because it allows you to see what type of device your lead is using to view your message and if they are clicking on any links. Sidekick makes it easier to plan and schedule your calls and additional follow-up messages because you now know the times during the day that your potential customer is engaging.

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Knowing which emails are being opened is also key to the sales process. With Sidekick, you can analyze which messages and subject lines have a higher open rate. This is important, as these types of notifications are automatically pushed so that you are able to immediately adjust the content of your emails.

The Lead Intelligence feature is also helpful for tracking your leads. For those using the Chrome browser, a Chrome extension applies an icon on the side of the browser that follows you through the page you are viewing. While you are on a website, if you click on the Sidekick icon, a sidebar pops open and gives you more background information on the company you are looking at, including but not limited to industry type, revenue, and employee count. For HubSpot users, this data can be saved into the CRM with just one click.

Another nice feature HubSpot users have with the Lead Intelligence sidebar is it pulls information from the CRM to let you know if you have any contacts in your database that work for the company you are currently researching. The sidebar also shows you a list of similar businesses, which makes prospecting for leads that more streamlined.

Sidekick by HubSpot has become an indispensible tool to help me perform my day-to-day tasks as a salesperson. With it, I am able to analyze which emails my leads are opening and the dates and times in which these potential customers are most engaged. This, in addition to the information I can gather from Lead Intelligence, allows me to follow-up at the most opportune time so that I don’t miss a beat. I definitely recommend using Sidekick for those who want to stay on top of their sales game and keep track of their leads more efficiently.

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