Could you improve your online conversions? Of course you could. Are you wondering how? These 4 details that you’re probably forgetting will help you improve the conversion rates on your blog.

Navigation Menu Button/ CTA

When you look at the top of a website, you usually see a navigation menu (though some place them in the sidebar). On mobile, it’s common to see a dropdown menu, and though less-common, some desktop sites use dropdown menus as well. Alternatively, a navigation menu button/ call to action (CTA) appears on sites whose designers understand how to draw visitors’ attention to their primary conversion page.

HubSpot is an online marketing industry leader. They understand the impact of drawing website traffic to the primary conversion page. In the header of their website, visitors are greeted with a simple navigation menu with links to the main pages of the website, with a “Get Started” button just above that. This header is the same on the home page and blog pages.

The blue-colored button is offset from the rest of the site, making it stand out and more likely to be engaged with. When visitors click this predominant button, they are taken to a sales page for the company’s Marketing, Sales, and CRM products. This is where the main conversions happen for the site.

Determine your primary CTA by figuring out where your main conversions happen. For example, if you run an eCommerce website, your primary CTA might be “Shop Now.” Include a button linking to your main products page in or near the navigation menu. Details will vary based on your niche and desired conversion type.

Marketing Automation

Adobe found that automation increases the average online conversion rates from 2.6% to 3.6%. If you’ve forgotten to automate marketing and sales efforts, now is the time to get started.

By leveraging automation tools to connect users with personalized multi-channel content, you become empowered. Extensive automation allows you to show dynamic content to your users, segment your contact lists based on online behavior, develop favorable marketing strategies and patterns, and integrate your various marketing efforts (website content, email, social media, etc.).

Leverage the power of these tools for automation success.

HubSpot – HubSpot’s marketing automation software helps you start generating leads for free. Leverage analytics, capture forms, and contact tracking at no cost. As your automation efforts grow, so will your access to new tools.

Constant Contact – One of the most popular automated email marketing platforms, this tool creates responsive emails. You can transform emails into social posts, manage your contact lists, and leverage bountiful email templates for various niches.

Happy Email – This is the highest-rated, free email automation app available for integration with Shopify eCommerce themes. Send automated thank you emails to new subscribers and build relationships on autopilot.

With marketing automation, you will potentially save years of your own time, giving you more time to monitor and plan your conversion strategy.

A/B Testing for Landing Pages and CTAs

According to MarketingSherpa, only 52% of companies are conducting split-testing to determine the best optimization tactics for conversions. That means that 48% of you have forgotten that to test your forms, microcopy, and buttons. Sometimes changing a submission button to a different color or shade can make a huge impact, but you don’t know what works unless you test for yourself.

You need to be conducting A/B testing for every element on your landing pages—headlines, color of buttons, size of forms, wording used in page copy and CTAs. The trick is to isolate only one element for testing at a time. You won’t know what aspects of your page needs changed, unless you monitor in a controlled environment—everything on the page should remain the same except the element you are testing.


Remembering these marketing and design elements will help you land more online conversions. First, create a button with your primary CTA and place it in your site’s navigation menu. Next, automate your online marketing efforts. Finally, conduct A/B testing on your site’s landing pages. What other tricks have you found to increase conversions on your blog? Tell us about them in the comments.

Jared Carrizales
Jared Carrizales is the fearless leader of Heroic Search, a digital marketing company in both Tulsa and Dallas. Jared and his team offer social media services, digital PR, and content marketing for businesses all over the world. Jared, himself, has been in the digital marketing realm for the last 9 years and carries the bruises to prove it. Follow @heroicsearch on Twitter and Facebook.