How about making a New Year’s resolution that you’ll do more for your community? The concept of “giving back” can grow stale unless we all put forth some real effort.

Let’s face it, there are do’ers and those with good will who don’t follow through. So, as we look ahead, I challenge you to consider doing one good deed for a favorite charity this coming year. And, if you’re already involved, add one more thing to your usual list.

10 Ways to Show You Care in the New Year:

  1. Write a check or make an online gift.
  2. “Like” a charity on Facebook and follow their posts.
  3. Run or walk in a fundraising event.
  4. Buy a T-shirt, mug, or other branded item from a charity’s website.
  5. Volunteer your time – regularly, once, or anything in between.
  6. Choose a charity as a cause marketing partner for your business.
  7. Donate useful goods or services.
  8. Attend a fundraising breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  9. Ask friends and family to make donations in your honor for your birthday, anniversary, wedding, and other milestone events.
  10. Host a third-party fundraiser. Organize a fun event with your social circle and donate the proceeds.

If more people participated in charitable activities, imagine what we could accomplish!