5 Data Center Design Commandments

If you're creating a data center design from scratch, it's important to think a little bit about how you're going to lay it out before you get building. Here are a few areas to think about:

8 Ways Unified Communication Helps Enterprise Collaboration

The need for collaboration in business and enterprise settings has always been a priority. However, the advancement of communication technologies now allows for an unprecedented level of quality interactions between business collaborators.

What is Your Internet Speed and Reliability Worth to Your Business?

We know that starting or owning a small business requires making a lot of important decisions. And choosing the right Internet service provider (ISP)...

5 Industries That Can Benefit from Cloud Communications

Cloud communications are rapidly expanding through businesses in all industries. Yet there are some industries that find the technology even more worthwhile than the...

4 Affordable Video Conferencing Solutions for Your Small Business

When it comes to video conferencing, which is the best video conferencing tool for your business and remote teams? There is a large variety...

Why You Should Consider On-Hold Marketing Messages for Your New Business

You’ve just started a new business and you’re in the process of establishing your name in the industry. Maybe you have considered plenty of...

Why You Need a Real Person Talking to Your Customers

Personalization at the small business level, especially local small businesses, means having a live person answer when someone calls. Answering service companies, which have failed miserably in the past, mostly due to technology limitations, are now poised to provide small businesses the added advantage they need in an ever increasingly competitive environment.

Is VoIP in Your Small Business Plans?

Communication plays an important role in any small business organization. An effective communication system enables you to improve your business processes and meet the needs of your customers more efficiently.

How Carriers Are Costing Your Small Business

In 1986 I got my first cell phone that wasn't in a bag. It was a Motorola DynaTAC, and it cost me over $2,000. Since then, cell phones have been adopted ubiquitously by small businesses in the US.

Top 5 Business Video Conferencing Platforms of 2013

We have entered into the age of video communication, and almost every professional will agree, it's a beautiful era! Less travel, less money, less time wasted during the traverse from meeting to meeting and best of all, a heightened level of communication and efficiency!

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