Facebook’s Acquisition of WhatsApp is All About Audience Expansion

It's been all over the news and social media. Facebook acquired global chat application WhatsApp for the sky-high price of $16 billion. Yes, that's right, with a "B." That's sixteen times larger the acquisition cost that Zuck and co. paid to Instagram!

Google and Apple Rejecting Flappy Bird Clones

Thinking about making your own Flappy Bird clone? Be careful. Google and Apple are reportedly rejecting clones before they ever hit their App Stores.

Top 10 Communication Apps for 2014

There are many communications apps available in 2014. Here are some of the best of those apps that are free to use. There are certainly plenty of simple and FREE conference call apps to choose from, and below you will find a short list of ten of the best communication apps available in 2014.

6 Business Tools That Make Life Easier

The day-to-day of a small business owner can be extremely busy—something the most skilled multitasker would have trouble handling. Below is a list compiled of 6 business tools designed to help small business owners breathe a little easier.

Kickboard: New Orleans Small Business Startup

Small business opportunities abound in the poorest and most needy areas as well as the most affluent. Everyone knows that old saying that tells us necessity is the mother of invention.

3 Apps to Encourage Employee Health and Wellness

Employee wellness should be a top concern for every business leader today. Healthy employees are more productive and focused, use fewer sick days, and cost your business less in healthcare.

8 Leading Small Business Apps

Successful small business apps have to be easy to adopt, affordable, and effective for a broad range of businesses. Here are a few small business apps that excel.

3 Highly Effective SEO Tools Anyone Can Use

Among the many SEO tools available to help keep your website active and highly ranked, here is an overview of some of the easiest and most effective to use.

5 Sales Tools That Are Worth the Price for a Growing Small Business

Some things you just can't skimp on. When your business is small and growing, investing in the right tools is one of the best decisions you can make. Some of these tools carry hefty price tags, but their benefits make them worth the splurge.

Real Time vs. Near Time Data Integration

You might not see it on the surface, but your company collects tons of data. With every visit to your website and every transaction that takes place there, you should be collecting the basic demographic information of your buyers and what they like to buy.

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