How to Come Up with a Killer Idea for an App (And Get it...

Creating a mobile app and selling it through Google Play or iTunes is undoubtedly one of the best ways to make money online, and has incredibly low barriers to entry with a disproportionately large potential pay-off.

Top Mobile Apps to Help You Stay Organized

As a small business owner, you have to wear many hats and juggle plenty of tasks throughout your work week. It can seem overwhelming, and you might wonder how you can stay more organized and maintain your productivity.

Are Mobile Apps Your Business’s Best Friend or Worst Enemy?

If you were to listen to all the hype online recently, you would believe that you could run your business based solely on mobile applications.

6 Time-Saving Apps to Boost Your Productivity

As a founder of a start up I make every second of each day count. This sounds a bit dramatic but like most passionate people I wake up every day wanting to squeeze the most out of every minute that I'm awake, so I'm always on the look out for anything that makes me more efficient.

What to Consider Before White Labeling Your App

For many mobile, software or Web app-based startups, the initial inspiration for the business stems from the discovery of something that's missing in the marketplace. At first, their dogged pursuit of providing the optimal solution is enough to keep them going.

3 Apps No Small Business Owner Should Be Without

Often, cash-strapped startups look to free software to help solve their day-to-day problems. Unfortunately, not every free app is designed as well as Google Drive or Evernote. Many are rendered unusable by poor interfaces or a lack of technical support. Some apps work well, but are not designed to grow with a business.

5 Software Programs Every Small Business Needs

If you have been in business for the last couple of decades, you have read about (and perhaps have employed) new technology that improves small business efficiencies. So how can you evaluate which is the essential software you should be leveraging daily, versus what isn't so necessary?

The Future of Web Design: Responsive?

Many in the design community will have you believe that responsive web design—websites that adjust to the appropriate size, scrolling measure, and resolution on a wide range of devices—is the best friend of search engine optimization, or SEO.

Using Games to Create a Better Customer Experience

Companies are using games to enhance the customer experience and engage with their customers, as well as their employees. It is a winning strategy for businesses—providing customers with entertainment in a fun, competitive way builds the company's image and level of interaction with its customers.

Create a Powerful Dashboard

From a sports car to an aircraft to a super tanker, successful operation depends upon the pilot's understanding and urgent, timely use of a dashboard. Real time information is critical to real time decision-making, and increasingly in the modern business world, decisions are made by management without extended meetings or discussion with others.

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