The Biggest Problem with No Isn’t the No

One thing that keeps a potentially great entrepreneur or salesperson from succeeding is the word "no." Hearing that word endlessly when just starting out can be debilitating—but, not necessarily for the reason we might think.

5 Steps to Positive (And Powerful) Self-Change

Recently, on my Facebook Page I suggested 5 steps for positive self-change. They start with awareness, but go on to include many of the things you need.

4 College Courses That Will Help Your Business

You don't have to have a business degree career to flourish, but taking a few classes can certainly provide you with the knowledge you need to take your business from doing okay to booming.

Do NOT Be a Woman-Owned Business

I refuse to be a woman-owned business. Don't get me wrong; I am a woman and I own my business. I've owned and run my business for more than a decade, and I do it with integrity, a good heart, a drive for success, and a dedication to my clients.

Barry Moore: A Veteran in Business

Veterans Day is one of the most important days of the year. It's a day when we as a nation get to celebrate all that is our military. Not only do I support our veterans, I also help them discover their dreams/goals and watch them come to fruition as they start or expand their business.

How to Balance a Family and a Startup

If you are starting a business venture, pull out the cape and the superhero costume, because there are ways that you can successfully start up a business and spend quality time with your family.

Choose Your Incubator Wisely

If you are considering starting up your own small business, getting well-grounded advice from experienced people can be profitable. That's where an incubator comes in.

Do You Have That Entrepreneurial DNA?

My immediate family members were entrepreneurs from as far back as I can trace. So it seemed perfectly natural that my brother and I find our separate callings as entrepreneurs from the very start.

Boom in the Bay: Could Tampa’s Business Incubators Become a National Model?

With this sudden boom in business incubators, many local residents and people around the nation are wondering: Is this new trend good for startups or is it just a fad? Here are some things to consider.

Where Are You on the Great Work Scale? Take the Quiz

Have you ever gotten the perfect job, or client, or gig, and after doing the work for awhile, found that it was not anything like you imagined?

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