The Enemy of Knowledge

If we already believe we know a "thing" and are not interested in exploring an alternative view, then we might be right—or we might not be.

Small Business Tips for 2014

Can you believe that it is 2014 already? I can't. Seems like just yesterday that everyone was worried about Y2K. Now here we are, 14 years later! 2013 was a blur and I'm sure this year is bound to pass just as quickly.

How to Pave Your Path to Greatness

Whatever you do, don't be quick to give up. If you are ever to succeed at anything, you need determination. If you don't succeed the first time, try again. Do whatever it takes to get your project or venture off the ground.

How to Create a Full-Color, Full-Contact Body of Work, Courtesy of Beyonce

Much to the Internet's amazement last week, without any prior buzz or warning, Beyoncé dropped a brand new album straight to iTunes, complete with 10 brand new videos.

What is Good Advice?

Managers and entrepreneurs receive so much advice, and it is hard to know which to follow. I have seen some entrepreneurs get conflicting advice and keep on asking the same questions in hopes of finding a clean solution to their problem.

How to Make Sure Your Work Aligns with Your Values

A mentor once told me that the only way you truly know what your values are are when they are violated. When you betray your values, you feel awkward, uneasy, and even sick.

The Biggest Problem with No Isn’t the No

One thing that keeps a potentially great entrepreneur or salesperson from succeeding is the word "no." Hearing that word endlessly when just starting out can be debilitating—but, not necessarily for the reason we might think.

5 Steps to Positive (And Powerful) Self-Change

Recently, on my Facebook Page I suggested 5 steps for positive self-change. They start with awareness, but go on to include many of the things you need.

4 College Courses That Will Help Your Business

You don't have to have a business degree career to flourish, but taking a few classes can certainly provide you with the knowledge you need to take your business from doing okay to booming.

Do NOT Be a Woman-Owned Business

I refuse to be a woman-owned business. Don't get me wrong; I am a woman and I own my business. I've owned and run my business for more than a decade, and I do it with integrity, a good heart, a drive for success, and a dedication to my clients.

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