Can You Rent a Separate Apartment as a Business Space?

So you go out to find some place to work out of. Then it hits you, why not rent an apartment and work out of there? It may work, but there are some things you need to keep in mind.

Rising Office Trends 2014 [Infographic]

LinkedIn surveyed over 7,000 professionals in 10 countries across the world and asked them which tools and trends would disappear from offices by 2017.

Professionalism: Setting the Stage

If you have a business where clients are going to be stopping by, the way you care for your business is going to reflect greatly upon your degree of professionalism. Below you will find some things to watch for.

The Most Famous Garage Startups in History

"Everyone has to start somewhere." It's a saying that resonates with many people around the world. In fact, some of the most well-known companies in the world today started life small—in the confines of a garage, to be exact.

6 Ways to Make Relocating Your Startup Super Simple

Running a startup is stressful. Running a startup while in the process of moving locations is even worse. Running a startup while moving your company and 27 others can be downright debilitating.

5 Items Your Business Needs to Stay Organized and Efficient

To improve efficiency in a commercial environment you must first get organized. If you have noticed that inefficiency and disorganization is leading to diminished productivity, the key is to take action now.

Businesses Are Moving Away from Physical Offices

There is a growing trend in business of firms moving away from having a physical presence. Just about every start-up I see does so without an office. And many of these entrepreneurs are determined to continue to operate without one.

3 Simple DIY Updates to Boost Your Business in a Weekend

When you run a small business, chances are that you are not also in the business of handy work or repairs. There are many simple DIY projects that you can complete over the weekend that will boost your business in at least two ways.

5 New Trends in Corporate Design

Office spaces are no longer a bland land of cubicles and white-washed walls. Companies finally realized that when employees actually want to be at work, they will be more productive.

Exceptional Offices

Have you ever fantasized about what would be in your ideal office? Take a look at what some companies already include, from skate parks to bomb shelters.

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