Busted! 8 SEO Myths Exposed

Optimizing for search engines is a process where it takes a short time to realize the importance but a huge investment of time to master. This field has undergone constant changes since it began at the turn of the millennium...

10 Content Basics to Include on Your Website

Filling your site with content is an important step for your small business. When you're creating content, there are some basics that you want to be sure to cover in order to get the most from your site. Here are 10 content basics that are a must for any small business site.

The Factors Behind the SEO Secret Sauce

When it comes to SEO, it's important to optimize your presence on and off your site. There are a number of things that can influence your ranking. Check out this great infographic from Ben Norman, as he breaks down the best practices behind the Secret Sauce of SEO.

YouTube Continues to Fight Against Fake Views

YouTube, the biggest video sharing website, is bearing down on an issue that has been plaguing them in the recent years. From average users to big time companies, there is a growing trend of buying 'fake views' to inflate popularity of videos.

Best Practices When Using Yelp for Business

It's well known that Yelp, as well as other social channels, can make or break your business all based on the opinion of your customers. However, also similar to other social mediums, communication between you and your consumer is easier than ever.

Things to Check Every Month in Google Analytics

As a small business, you will naturally be working harder to keep on top of competition. You want to have a strategy based on...

3 Small Businesses Doing Big Things with Social Media

I really want to dive into what trends I see in marketing and how to continue to properly tell your story in a noisy, social and quickly changing world. In this first post, I analyzed a few small businesses and the content they are posting on social networks.

Creating Platform-Specific Content: JustFly’s Guide to Finding Your Audience

Content marketing isn’t about just writing great content and hitting ENTER. With the wave of different platforms that are out there, content needs to...

Email Marketing is a Strong Influencer in B2C Buying

How’s this for a statistic? Nearly all (98%) of the more than 1,800 consumers polled are influenced by a marketing email to make a purchase! This...

7 Basic Tips to Grow Your Instagram Account

1. Use Your Bio to Tell Your Story When people want to learn more about you, the first place they’ll check is your bio. Your...

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