6 Valuable Tips to Improve Customer Service

There are many different aspects of your role as a customer service representative, regardless of whether it’s face-to-face or on the telephone. Understanding some...

Humanizing Your Customer Service

Customer service gives your company an opportunity to build a strong relationship with customers at a critical point. If they’re calling for help, then they’re likely frustrated. All too often, customers are greeted by “customer service robots.” Everyone's familiar with this type of representative.

4 Ways to Build a More Loyal Customer Base

Not too long ago, the United States Postal Service recreated one of their most famous failures: a 1918 blunder on a sheet of stamps, any one of which is worth a fortune today.

Last Impressions

So many businesses go out of their way to make sure their first impressions are great but forget how important last impressions are. Last impressions are how customers decide if they will continue doing business with you, so I think last impressions are more important than first impressions in many ways.

How to Keep Customers from Falling Through the Cracks

If you’ve put in the work to get a customer to commit to your business, the last thing you want to do is lose...

Long Forgotten? Use Customer Service Skills to Stir Old Accounts Back to Life

When accounts go quiet, don’t assume the customer is going away. Use excellent customer service skills to find out what is going on. They may be waiting, occupied with something else, or have simply forgotten where you are or how to reach you! One effort at reactivation can make the difference between a customer who comes once and disappears forever, and a customer who comes once, is invited back and stays with you forever.

The Question Behind the Question

If you were ever to become an employee at Walt Disney World, you’d go through a class called Traditions. You’d learn all about the vision...

The State of Customer Loyalty in Small Business

A joint study of approximately 900 small business owners presents an interesting insight into what small businesses are doing in the world of customer loyalty.

Why Customer Service Scripting IS Necessary

There has always been a debate on whether customer service scripting will make customer service representatives sound too mechanical and less spontaneous. A recent...

Don’t Overlook This Secret Weapon for Connecting with Customers

Running a business is a constant struggle to provide customers and clients with the best products and services possible—and to effectively market your services,...
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