How to Get Your Customer to Pay 10% More: Easy Service!

A recent Avaya study showed that 66% of customers will STOP spending money with you if your service is inconvenient. The study further points out that what is truly at stake is the lifetime value of that customer. If a customer feels that an experience is low effort and efficient, they appreciate it.

Do You Make Excuses When Customers Complain?

What do you do when customers complain? Do you listen? Do you try explaining or rationalizing your responses? One thing we can agree on from the top....

Does Your Business Have a Customer Culture?

The bottom line is that the customer experience continues to be validated as a significant indicator of a company's success or failure. These seven factors are key components for describing how well the company's culture is tuned to their customers.

Satisfied Customers Are Killing Your Business

People talk about the importance of customer service all the time, yet few companies are recognized for doing it well and even fewer are willing to change their approach to get the desired result

Turning Support into a Strategic Resource for Your Business

In traditional business, customer support teams focus solely on satisfying the customer. They enable a pain-free, enjoyable customer experience while sales and marketing teams...

“How was everything?” Not a Great Customer Service Question!

"How was everything?" Have you been asked this question by a hotel front desk clerk, a server at a restaurant, or a car salesman after a demo ride? How likely is it that your response is either true or complete?

How to Offer Unbeatable Customer Service on the Phone

Even with the rise of the internet over the past 20 years, a great deal of business is still done over the phone, and if you are one of the millions working in customer service, a confident, adaptable phone manner could be one of the most vital skills in your arsenal.

The Generational Shift in Brand Loyalty

What is brand loyalty? There are still plenty of people out there who buy the same brand of toilet paper every time they go...

3 Hidden Benefits of High-Quality Customer Satisfaction

With every field of business getting increasingly more competitive, focusing entirely on advertising tools to attract customers has become ineffective. Customer service is often...

The Difference Between Mediocre and Great in Customer Service

Paying attention to small details can be what makes the difference between a great service experience and a mediocre one. When you observe your...

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