Marketing Idea: What Does Your Customer Experience?

The concept of creating a memorable customer experience is nothing new. Companies like Disney, Zappos and Ritz Carlton have become famous for how their customers rave about doing business with them....

4 Ways to Build a More Loyal Customer Base

Not too long ago, the United States Postal Service recreated one of their most famous failures: a 1918 blunder on a sheet of stamps, any one of which is worth a fortune today.

A Step a Month to Better Customer Service

We all resolve to do better in a New Year, but how many of us really make a plan? What if you had a concrete plan for customer service improvement for each month of the year?

7 Social Listening Hacks to Boost Customer Loyalty

The importance of customer loyalty is unquestionable. Making every customer a satisfied, regular customer is an ultimate goal for business owners. However, fostering true customer...

10 Customer Service Principles Every Employee Must Know

Even employees who never deal with the public must exhibit good customer service skills. How employees treat each other is the harbinger of how the organization will treat the public.

Making the Customer Feel Special

Aside from being excellent at the technical aspect of what we do (without that, the rest simply won't matter), to the degree that we provide our customers with the kind of exceptional experience that makes them feel good about themselves, that's the degree to which we will be untouchable in the marketplace.

Find Your Teacher Customer

Your customers know what they want more than you do. Find one to teach you. This week’s insight came from personal experience and from a...

Why Do You Lose Customers?

You need to know what you’re doing right, but you should also know what you’re doing wrong; that’s the only way you can ever improve. A valuable resource is your ex-customers. Find out why they left and what you can do to resolve their concerns and problems they see.

10 Tips for Impeccable Customer Service and Repeat Customers

Every business claims they focus on customer service and offer the best to their clients. However, how many really do? If you want to...

4 Ways Finding and Retaining Customers Starts with Management

The goal of management in any business is finding ways to create customers. This means sound policies for developing relationships not just with existing...

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