Increase Your Customer Loyalty with a Contact Center

Next generation contact centers have the ability to increase customer satisfaction and enhance the consumer experience, which in turn increases one of the most important components of having a successful business—customer loyalty.

Easy Tips for Customer Service on Social Networks

All businesses are seeing a shift in customer service to the Internet rather than the phone or in-person. Small businesses in particular may see this shift as a positive.

Not Saying “No” to a Customer

One of the hardest things to do is tell a customer they cannot have what they are requesting. Simply saying "no" sends the message that you are unwilling to listen or help. It ends the conversation and leaves the customer feeling angry that their concerns are not being heard and their desires will not be met.

Different Strokes for Different Customer Service Folks a Relationship Barrier?

If a brand is trying to attract loyal customers, how are they going to do that if customer service to customers who have not reached that point is less than "good?"

How Easy is It to Do Business with You?

Do you how know easy (or difficult) it is for your customers to do business with your SMB (small-medium business) or nonprofit? If you're...

Customer Experience Versus Customer Service

One of the latest phrases that is being used is the customer experience. There is certainly a customer experience anytime a customer or potential...

Even in Crisis, Outstanding Customer Experiences Can Put Companies on Top

Not delivering an outstanding customer experience can lead to unfavorable opinions about a brand, and even an entire industry. Many small businesses don't prepare for a crisis, leaving them susceptible to public criticism and the potential loss of customers and revenue.

Proactive vs. Reactive Customer Service

In preparation for a presentation to a client recently, I was asked to stress proactive vs. reactive service. They complimented their account reps on being very good at reactive, but saw the need to go to the next level and be more proactive.

Top 10 Benefits of Providing Exceptional Nonprofit Customer Service

Nonprofit customer service. What's that? Well, the same as it is in the business world, except that most nonprofit "customers" represent stakeholders like donors, volunteers, members, and clients.

Turning Support into a Strategic Resource for Your Business

In traditional business, customer support teams focus solely on satisfying the customer. They enable a pain-free, enjoyable customer experience while sales and marketing teams...

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