Loyalty is a 2-Way Street

Most companies involved in retail or commercial sales are always looking for customer loyalty. It seems that companies often forget there is another side to loyalty. The other side of the relationship is being loyal to your customers.

How to Offer Unbeatable Customer Service on the Phone

Even with the rise of the internet over the past 20 years, a great deal of business is still done over the phone, and if you are one of the millions working in customer service, a confident, adaptable phone manner could be one of the most vital skills in your arsenal.

Customer Service Journey Map Can Lead to Instant Gratification

The idea of providing instant gratification throughout the customer experience is a concept that evolved from a conversation I had with Frank Jacobs, the founder and CEO of Falcon Products, a company that makes table bases.

Making the Customer Feel Special

Aside from being excellent at the technical aspect of what we do (without that, the rest simply won't matter), to the degree that we provide our customers with the kind of exceptional experience that makes them feel good about themselves, that's the degree to which we will be untouchable in the marketplace.

4 Ways to Build Trust with Customers That Can Transform Your Business

“Make hundreds of dollars a week just by stuffing envelopes.” Remember that tiny ad that used to run regularly in virtually every newspaper’s classified ad...

How to Use Social Media for Customer Service

Imagine this: your customer leaves your business and has a poor experience. Instead of telling your staff, she tells her friends on Twitter.

Increase Your Customer Loyalty with a Contact Center

Next generation contact centers have the ability to increase customer satisfaction and enhance the consumer experience, which in turn increases one of the most important components of having a successful business—customer loyalty.

10 Easy Ways to Improve Your Customer Experience

Poor customer experience (CX) leads to damaged reputations, negative brand perception, killed conversions, disengagement, loss of revenue (83 billion dollars lost in the USA...

An Amazing Customer Service Idea: The Five Dollar Lifeboat

The second-generation owner of a chain of Ace Hardware stores, Tom Glenn, tells an inspiring story about his father, Elder Glenn.

5 Customer Service MUST Dos for 2018

​At the conclusion of any year it is wise to look back a successes and failures but also to move forward with a specific...

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