How to Keep a Good BBB Rating (and Why It Matters)

The Better Business Bureau is the go-to resource for verifying a business’s credibility. They receive complaints about accredited businesses from consumers, and a business’s...

What’s Your Customer Service Legend?

Do you have a legendary customer service story? If you do, don't keep it to yourself. Share it to inspire your employees and motivate customers to want to do business with you.

Always Go the Extra Mile

Customers reward companies that are seen to go the extra mile—even if they don't personally benefit from that effort. In fact, customers are willing to pay more for a product, frequent one store rather than another, and, in general, have a more positive impression of a company or brand that is perceived to put in more effort.

What is Better Than a “WOW” Experience?

Many companies are looking for ways to delight the customer or provide the customer with a "WOW" experience. There are many marketing research organizations that provide all sorts of metrics to demonstrate how the customer experience is improving.

Customer Service Apology is Stronger with a Personal Touch

The personal touch can make all the difference. It is often unexpected, and always appreciated. You may not be able to drive to a customer's office to personally apologize, but you can write a personal thank you note.

6 Crippling Customer Service Non-Calls

The most devastating customer service calls are the ones you don’t get. They are far more damaging to your business that the ones you...

Encourage Complaints To Improve Customer Service

Some companies track a monthly “complaints and compliments ratio” for each branch, store, department, country or station. This approach has a fundamental flaw when it comes to customer service training.

Designing a Customer Experience That Drives Results

Good customer service is not good enough. Everyone boasts good customer service, but everyone doesn’t deliver memorable and targeted customer experiences. In my experience as...

How to Offer Unbeatable Customer Service on the Phone

Even with the rise of the internet over the past 20 years, a great deal of business is still done over the phone, and if you are one of the millions working in customer service, a confident, adaptable phone manner could be one of the most vital skills in your arsenal.

The Customer’s Taste Buds Are Always Right

When I tasted the Greenwich Pizza "Garden Delight" in the Philippines, my taste buds got a shock! The pizza was covered with sweet tomato sauce and the cheese on top was cheddar.

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