How Weak Leadership Impacts Customer Loyalty

Customer experience is foundational to the success of your organization. As a customer experience expert, and as a customer myself, I have seen my fair...

Humanizing Your Customer Service

Customer service gives your company an opportunity to build a strong relationship with customers at a critical point. If they’re calling for help, then they’re likely frustrated. All too often, customers are greeted by “customer service robots.” Everyone's familiar with this type of representative.

Stop Limiting Your Ability to Deliver Great Customer Service!

Marketing and customer service are the two thickest pillars of any real business, so having adequate means to fulfill both of these is paramount.

Shhh, We’re Secret Shopping!

If there’s one marketing tactic that we execute for clients that always yields incredible results, it’s when we secret shop their operation. Without exception,...

How Easy is It to Do Business with You?

Do you how know easy (or difficult) it is for your customers to do business with your SMB (small-medium business) or nonprofit? If you're...

What Makes Customer Service Interactions Good or Bad in the Eyes of the Customer?

An April 2013 Customer Service Study by Dimensional Research pinpointed what makes customers of mid-sized companies happy and what leaves them in dismay. This is the first in a series of blog posts about the important results of this study.

Your Customers Are Telling You, “WIW WIW WIW!”

Customer empowerment is moving so fast nowadays that many of us are running to just catch up. Yet if we don’t or can’t, it...

The 2016 Customer Election

While watching the never ending media commentary on the 2016 election, it occurred to me that the political arena is not the only place...

4 Keys to Understanding and Leveraging Customer Panel Surveys

See if you’ve received any requests that sound like this: We want to give you the chance to play a role in helping us develop...

Last Impressions

So many businesses go out of their way to make sure their first impressions are great but forget how important last impressions are. Last impressions are how customers decide if they will continue doing business with you, so I think last impressions are more important than first impressions in many ways.
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