Shhh, We’re Secret Shopping!

If there’s one marketing tactic that we execute for clients that always yields incredible results, it’s when we secret shop their operation. Without exception,...

How the Right Customer Service Can Boost Your Customer Following

While working to entice new customers is important, it is far less expensive to retain current ones. Great customer service is a sure-fire way to earn customer referrals, which will in turn go the extra mile towards building your commercial rep.

6 Valuable Tips to Improve Customer Service

There are many different aspects of your role as a customer service representative, regardless of whether it’s face-to-face or on the telephone. Understanding some...

The Two Sides of Customer Service Training

For any business to deliver good customer service, its employees must have both the attitude and the skills. The best companies know this, and through hiring and training make sure their employees have both.

Are There Any Customer Service Absolutes?

Customer service would be easy if absolutes such as these were indeed true. In today's highly interactive world of customized customer service, nothing could be LESS needed than training in such fallible absolutes.

Customer Congruency: What Are We Promising Our Customers?

As a business, we try to get our customers to perceive us a certain way. In the end, the customer determines if we have succeeded. What promises are we making to our customers?

Is Customer Loyalty the Same as Retention?

Loyalty looks at building a relationship between a business and its customers. On the other hand, retention is about customer preservation.

Start a Conversation with Your Customer?

Start a conversation with your customer? I know, it's crazy talk. Why in the world would you want to talk to the very people who choose to do business with you?

Why Good Customer Service Isn’t Enough

You might think that your business has “pretty good” customer service. Congratulations! That's a whole lot better than having “pretty bad” customer service. But...

Have You Called Your Office Lately?

Too often our customers and potential customers can see the holes in our first impressions much easier than we can. As a matter of fact, we are so familiar with our own business that it is hard to see with the eyes of an outsider.

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