A Basic Assumption of Customer Satisfaction: Reconsidered

One of the basic assumptions that have been considered sacrosanct is high levels of customer satisfaction lead to increased market share. Some recent research suggests that there this assumption may not be universally true.

12 Steps to Improve Your Customer Experience

Employee engagement and exceptional customer service play a critical role as a competitive advantage in the business landscape. Great customer service built on a...

Easy Tips for Customer Service on Social Networks

All businesses are seeing a shift in customer service to the Internet rather than the phone or in-person. Small businesses in particular may see this shift as a positive.

“How was everything?” Not a Great Customer Service Question!

"How was everything?" Have you been asked this question by a hotel front desk clerk, a server at a restaurant, or a car salesman after a demo ride? How likely is it that your response is either true or complete?

What is Better Than a “WOW” Experience?

Many companies are looking for ways to delight the customer or provide the customer with a "WOW" experience. There are many marketing research organizations that provide all sorts of metrics to demonstrate how the customer experience is improving.

A Bad Customer Service Example Set by a Manager

Learning experiences are everywhere, and in customer service, you can learn from the bad experiences as well as the good. I had a bad experience the other night, while having dinner at a favorite restaurant.

Designing a Customer Experience That Drives Results

Good customer service is not good enough. Everyone boasts good customer service, but everyone doesn’t deliver memorable and targeted customer experiences. In my experience as...

7 Things NOT to Do When Managing External Customers

“Without customers, your business would not exist. It’s that simple. Your business success and longevity depend on acquiring and retaining its target customers. You...

What’s Inconvenient Customer Service Costing You?

Avaya this week announced the results of a Customer Effort Impact Survey that highlights how the amount of work a customer exerts to obtain service affects business priorities of revenue and market growth, brand loyalty, and operational margins.

Why Customer Feedback is Crucial to Running a Successful Business

Criticism about your company is hard to take, especially if it comes as a big surprise, but at least you learn something and can...
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