5 Steps to Customer Service Glory

We all know that providing exceptional customer service is the stated goal of every business leader, regardless of how large or small the company. It’s...

Are National Retailers Outpacing Locals on Customer Service?

The folks at at Software Advice—a free resource for customer service technology reviews—just concluded a six-month project called "The Great Retail Experience Race: Local vs. National." The research was designed to compare the customer experience of five small retailers and five comparable national chain stores.

How to Use Social Media for Customer Service

Imagine this: your customer leaves your business and has a poor experience. Instead of telling your staff, she tells her friends on Twitter.

Even in Crisis, Outstanding Customer Experiences Can Put Companies on Top

Not delivering an outstanding customer experience can lead to unfavorable opinions about a brand, and even an entire industry. Many small businesses don't prepare for a crisis, leaving them susceptible to public criticism and the potential loss of customers and revenue.

Customer Congruency: What Are We Promising Our Customers?

As a business, we try to get our customers to perceive us a certain way. In the end, the customer determines if we have succeeded. What promises are we making to our customers?

Why Proactive, Not Reactive, Customer Service Drives Brand Loyalty

A customer becomes loyal to a brand when he gains faith in it. Faith comes into existence when he receives more than just service. The...

Surprise: Men and Women are Different

Loyalty programs that include both men and women must consider the way that men and women view loyalty. Even though many companies see the marketplace from a unisex perspective, genetics and chemistry demonstrate that differences do exist between sexes.

Customer Service Training is for Managers Too

Good managers know that customer service is the lifeblood of any successful company. It’s costly to run a business that is dependent on “new”...

Top 5 Trends in Customer Service Innovation Heading into 2018

Customer service has always been key to a business’s reputation, but it’s more important than ever today. Consumers across the globe have access to a...

10 Tips for Impeccable Customer Service and Repeat Customers

Every business claims they focus on customer service and offer the best to their clients. However, how many really do? If you want to...

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