Increase Your Customer Loyalty with a Contact Center

Next generation contact centers have the ability to increase customer satisfaction and enhance the consumer experience, which in turn increases one of the most important components of having a successful business—customer loyalty.

How to Handle Customer Complaints at Your Restaurant

While you can't completely stop complaints from happening, you can do your best to handle them appropriately and professionally. Easier said than done, yes, but few tweaks here and there and you'll be customer-complaint-handler in no time!

25 Amazing Customer Service Statistics

Here are some customer service statistics that demonstrate the power of a positive customer service experience.  Note each statistic is provided with a reference...

7 Critical Success Factors to Exceptional Customer Service

Employees report that one of the key factors that influence their level of engagement in their organization is how well the organization treats their customers....

Always Keep Your Promises

To develop a strong brand, you have to get customers to know your value proposition. They should know what makes you different from your competitors. But it’s not enough for them to just know what you say makes you different; they should know from seeing you fulfill your promises.

7 Tips to Deal with Unhappy Customers and Improve Customer Experience

No one likes to receive a complaint—but complaints are worth their weight in gold if an organization learns from them and then uses the...

Purposeful Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, hope is not a strategy. Customer service must be purposeful. You can hire the nicest people in the world, but you still must give them direction, teach the best practices, and continue to reinforce your customer service strategy so that employees are continuously reminded and motivated on what and how to deliver your brand of customer service.

Top 5 Trends in Customer Service Innovation Heading into 2018

Customer service has always been key to a business’s reputation, but it’s more important than ever today. Consumers across the globe have access to a...

Proactive vs. Reactive Customer Service

In preparation for a presentation to a client recently, I was asked to stress proactive vs. reactive service. They complimented their account reps on being very good at reactive, but saw the need to go to the next level and be more proactive.

Why Do You Lose Customers?

You need to know what you’re doing right, but you should also know what you’re doing wrong; that’s the only way you can ever improve. A valuable resource is your ex-customers. Find out why they left and what you can do to resolve their concerns and problems they see.

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