Sustainability and Accounting

Businesses have long gauged their success by the strength of their earnings. Today, however, more and more businesses are striving for sustainability in the...

Why Bother with a Board of Directors?

No matter what your size, if you intend to grow your business into more than just a lifestyle workplace, you should create a board of directors. If you take money from knowledgeable investors, you will be required to create a board as a part of the investment process.

3 Tips for Never Missing Paying a Business Bill

While the need to always get your business bills paid on time seems like a no-brainer, it can be more difficult than you think unless you've got a system in place. The key to never missing a payment all comes down to organization.

6 Best Practices in Billings and Collections

One area where most small-business owners can improve their cash flow is in billings and collections. A thorough credit check before you offer payment...

What the IRS Does Not Mention About Crowdfunding and Taxes

In Information Letter 2016-0036, released June 24, the IRS explains general rules that might apply to someone’s receipts of funds via a crowdfunding platform....

Tax Planning for Pass-Through Business Entities After Tax Reform

Tax planning under the TCJA for pass through entities is a post for small business owners everywhere paying US income taxes. Now that the Tax Cuts...

Chargebacks: Don’t Let Technology Hurt Your Business

Usually within just a few shorts months of entering the business world, most owners are confronted with a chargeback. If they didn't know what a chargeback was before, they quickly come to loath these financial nightmares.

Has “Sale” Become a Four-Letter Word?

There is a growing awareness in retail that a once surefire way to save the day is gone forever. When all else failed, retailers could always compete on price. Those days, in the words of the old song, are dwindling down to a precious few.

SBA Loans vs. Non-SBA Loans

There are many options when it comes to small business loans. There are startup loans, equipment loans, business credit cards, business line of credit options, and loans to help recover from disasters. Is an SBA loan or a traditional loan right for you?

Factors That Determine the Transaction Fee Effective Rate

Transaction fees, also called effective rates or merchant fees, are fees that are charged to you by your payment processor on each transaction processed. The fee includes the bank interchange, the credit card association fees, and the processor fee. There are several factors that will determine your transaction fees:

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