Turn the Table: What’s an Angel Look Like?

Angel investors, particularly those in organized angel groups, are typically former entrepreneurs who have had successful liquidity events in their pasts, or executives of companies who've retired with the funds from their stock options.

Startup and Organization Costs

When starting a business, the owners are likely to incur two classes of costs that are not normally encountered in the ongoing operations of...

Why Banks Deny Small Business Loans

There are many reasons why banks deny an applicant’s small business loan request. Unfortunately, this happens too often, even when the business idea is...

How to Keep Your Small Business Alive During Tough Financial Times

Small business owners need to be savvy and come up with real ways to reduce their expenses and increase their cash flow. In simple terms, less money needs to be leaving your account and more money needs to be coming in. It is an obvious statement to say that you need higher profits, but so many companies are missing opportunities to do just that.

Making a Freemium Model Work for Your Business

In today’s digital age, consumers and businesses alike are inundated with new tools that promise to make their lives and jobs easier, more efficient,...

Writing Off Your Startup Expenses

Business owners—especially those operating small businesses—may be helped by a tax law allowing them to deduct up to $5,000 of the startup expenses in the first year of the business's operation.

Home Office Deduction Changes for 2013

If you use your home for business, there are expenses you can deduct on your tax return. The home office deduction is available to both home owners & renters alike. The home must be used by a self-employed individual or an employee who works from home for his employer's convenience.

How to Value a Company

Debra S. just bought Accounting for the Numberphobic; A Survival Guide for Small Business Owners and here's what she wrote:

Red Flags to Avoid When Searching for Funding

Finding funding for your business is a long, involved process, but there are common “red flags” that underwriters monitor that impact your search. Here are some of the most common red flags underwriters will be looking for.

2016 Tax Guide Part 2: Personal & Business Tax Deductions

Taxes can take a toll on everyone. If you’re an individual or small business owner, you’ve probably paid Uncle Sam a good chunk of...

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