Ripple in 2018: Does It Still Have Potential?

Ripple is one of the oldest cryptocurrency networks. Launched in 2012, the ripple coin was once valued at 1000 coins for a dollar. Six...

The Art and Science of Modern Invoicing

An invoice is more than just a receipt with a total at the bottom. It is a professional document that signifies the completion of a project or sales transaction. It is also the last impression you make on a client, so it is crucial that it is an accurate reflection of your company's brand and high standards.

Invoice Upgrades That Will Help You Get Paid on Time

As a small business owner, cash flow is often tight and you need to get paid on time. But, unfortunately, late payments are an...

Startup Budgeting for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

You have a great idea for a small business—and the business know-how to pull it off. You've done your market research and written an airtight business plan. If you think this means there's no way your business can fail, you may want to take a closer look at your financial plans.

Don’t Ignore This 12-Step Program to Good Credit Management

Cash flow is the life blood of all businesses and having too much working capital tied up in late and non-paying customers can spell...

3 Tips for Never Missing Paying a Business Bill

While the need to always get your business bills paid on time seems like a no-brainer, it can be more difficult than you think unless you've got a system in place. The key to never missing a payment all comes down to organization.

Solid Bookkeeping for Solid Finances

Don’t have time for keeping the books on your business? Better think again. Practicing good bookkeeping can make all the difference between a business...

5 Tips to Improve Your Business Credit Score

Most people have a decent understanding of their personal credit score, but not so many are as familiar with their business credit scores. Your...

Vehicle Tax Deduction for Small Businesses

Whether you’re self-employed or run a small business, chances are you use a car to get from point A to point B. Luckily, during...

Alternative Lending Challenges for Franchise Owners

Since the financial crisis, alternative lending companies have begun to take the place of more traditional lending options. While you may struggle to meet the requirements for a bank loan, it's a different story with alternative lending.

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