How to Value a Company

Debra S. just bought Accounting for the Numberphobic; A Survival Guide for Small Business Owners and here's what she wrote:

What’s the Difference Between Angel Investor and VC?

I see this confusion a lot: People use the terms "venture capital," "venture capitalist," and "VC" to apply to any outsider investing in a startup. However, it's really useful to draw some distinctions in this area, between three important classifications: venture capital, angel investors, and anybody else.

What Kind of Info Should Your Invoices Include?

If you own or manage a small business, invoices are essential to keeping your business running smoothly. By providing your customers an uncomplicated, concise invoice that spells out the products provided or services rendered, you will reduce confusion and head off any potential conflicts about your business transactions.

8 Tax Scams to be on the Lookout for in 2015

There seem to be more and more tax scams that rear their ugly heads each year. The IRS does its best to combat these issues that can result in billions of dollars being stolen from innocent taxpayers.

Pricing, Networking, and Value

Jenni from the Quick Books Self Employed Community says the following: "I always feel like my prices are too high, yet when I see my competition, their prices are almost double mine."

3 Ways to Reduce Cost of Goods Sold

The cost of the materials used to make the product or service you sell directly impacts your profit. This is easy to see, because...

Milking the Business

If you have worked for a corporation for a few years before you start your own venture, you need to really prepare for the first time of not having a paycheck every two weeks. While you hear stories about all the personal things that your business can pay for through the company, milking your company can be a very big problem.

7 Simple Ways to Ensure You Get Paid on Time

It’s no secret that running a business is tough. You knew it long before you even started down this path. You’ve heard all the...

5 Small Business Bookkeeping Tips for New Business Owners

Raise your hand if you absolutely love handling your small business bookkeeping requirements. There sure aren’t many hands up—and that’s pretty common. Documenting all payments,...

What Do Business Plan Financials Look Like?

People often ask: What do business plan financials look like? You can get away with a sales forecast, spending budget, and cash flow plan. That’s...

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