What is the Barbell Effect and How Does It Work?

Do you work out with free weights? If you do, where do you grab the barbells? In the middle, right? In business, as in barbells,...

Do You Know the Difference Between an Investment and an Expense?

What’s the difference between an investment and an expense? The difference is simple: one will start paying you back, and the other is a...

Spot Quiz: What Percent of Small Business Owners Manage Cash Flow?

I'll tell you what taught me to watch cash flow, always, and very carefully: the lack of it. It wasn't two years at business school; it was a growth spurt (sales doubled) that sucked up all the cash and left me looking for a second and third mortgage to keep the business going. That's something you don't forget.

Watch Out for Indirect Tax Audit Triggers

Your odds of facing an indirect tax audit are actually higher than the odds of IRS small business tax audits. That's because while the IRS audits 2–12% of the tax returns filed with the agency every year, some states audit up to 20% of the business sales tax reports filed each year.

Money Tips: 10 Best Personal Finance Books of All Time

Money management is one of the most important skills a young person can develop. Unfortunately, many people lack even the most basic money management skills for one reason or another. The below books are a list that every 20-something should read.

Business Categorization, Industry, Location, and the Impact on Merchant Rates

There are many factors that will determine what kind of fees you are charged by your processor. There are some factors that you can control, such as limiting charge-backs and fraud exposure, and others that you cannot, such as how you accept payments, your industry, and your physical business location.

Preventing Tax Problems When Employees Travel

Sending employees on business trips is essential for countless companies and can result in tax headaches for both the employer and the employee if...

Should You Scrap Commission for Your Sales Team?

Commission-based sales plans have long been standard in the sales industry. Many small business owners are reluctant to abandon them, believing the widely held opinion that salespeople are primarily motivated by money.

7 Financial Facts Every Entrepreneur Should Know

You don’t have to be CPA or MBA to start or run a business. You don’t have to understand debits and credits, or be...

5 Ways Credit Cards Can Accelerate Your Small Business

Hesitant about accepting credit cards? Don't be. They're a fabulous way to boost your sales and grow your business. Here are 5 reasons you should consider accepting credit and debit card payments from your customers.

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