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Working Away From Office? You’ll Want a VPN

By: Vikas Agrawal


Why Business Travelers Use VPNs

In today’s world, browsing the internet without any network security is like walking on a highway at night. Without any protection, you’ll be exposed to many threats and foul-players. If you want to get more protection online, then a Virtual Private Network ( VPN ) is a great start. 

On the other hand, if you’re traveling to a different country then it would be very hard to learn more about the destination before traveling when many websites of the destination country might be restricted in your current location. Needless to mention, if the country you are traveling to has censorship laws, then you can’t search hotels, find interesting places, or visit a native website for details. 

VPN allows you to get the destination country’s local IP address and browse the native websites as if you’re home. It’s an effective way for anyone who’s traveling in 2021 so that your internet traffic is encrypted when you land abroad. With much of the workforce now working from home, data security can also be taken care of by VPN. 

Some of the major benefits when you use a VPN for remote work or travel:

1.Less cost for flight and hotels

Many people usually travel on a budget, especially working-class backgrounds. They eat up a major chunk of your budget. Hotels, airlines, and other online booking sites offer different prices for different countries. For example, hotels cost 30% less for native Canadian than other countries. 

There’s no denying that many people usually travel on a budget, especially families. However, airline tickets eat up a good part of your budget, followed by hotel bookings. Then VPN can help you book flights and hotels using the other country’s VPN that costs less

2. Access Your Favorite Content

Sometimes, few movies and shows ( local ) movies don’t usually do well in certain countries so many productions and studios don’t want to pay the fees to localize the show. Also, the ratings and censorship laws in many countries make the picture illegal. For instance, one can’t access US Netflix outside the US. A VPN is the solution if you are avid streamers, allowing you to watch your favorite shows overseas 

3. Safe Browsing on Public Wifi

Your traffic can be encrypted when you use a secure VPN while using public Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi is notorious for eavesdroppers and hackers. With the help of VPN encryption, data authentication, and algorithms, you can browse securely on public WiFi.

4. Online Banking

A VPN allows you to make secure payments whether you’re using a public or home network. It makes your online transactions and paying bills very easy. By using a VPN while traveling abroad you can secure transaction using top-level security.

5. Online Surveillance

Online surveillance is very intrusive and creepy. Imagine someone checking your emails, messages, and personal data. A VPN can help you conceal your real identity and allow you to browse online

While choosing the best VPN for traveling, you should consider certain points:

1. Speed

The single most important trait that separates the best VPN from the rest of them is speed. Most people don’t like to switch on a VPN as it creates a buffer connection. So while purchasing a VPN look for something that offers versatility, different configurations for different purposes like work, streaming, etc. Check out a guide on how to check your VPN speed

2. Pricing

Choosing free services is a trade-off with your protection and many different features that you would get with paid services. No good service providers would offer their application completely for free. Many remarkable VPNs offer affordable services, a fast VPN like Cyberghost. So don’t always fall for free services, it has more risk and less quality.

3. Network Security

While it’s important to have a high-speed connection, if it offers minimal security then it defeats the purpose. It should conceal your identity and current location allowing you to surf anywhere online without worrying about cyber attacks

4. Customer support

A great feature of any product is customer support. Knowing that any of your questions will be answered is equally important as other features, especially if you don’t have a technical background. It should assure that any of your questions will be answered anytime. Helpful and immediate support is hard to find, so choose one that offers great support.

5. Strong encryption protocols

A secure VPN should be your low profile and give you access to my censored sites, whether it’s a hotel booking site or access destination country’s local sites. Many good VPN applications offer open, updated, and real-time dedicated community

6. Money-back guarantee

Choose a VPN that offers a money-back guarantee, so you can take the chance and if it doesn’t look compatible then you can claim a refund. Moreover, companies that offer a money-back guarantee have confidence in their abilities, mainly in their product. It’s a no-brainer, give it a try!

7. Accessibility on multiple devices

A VPN should grant access to content that may be restricted in your current location for multiple reasons ( mentioned above ). Pay attention to its availability in different countries. Also, make sure it’s accessible on many devices. 

8. Free trial

Most of the VPN offers you a free trial. But a catch is most of them only offer basic services and ask you to upgrade to the premium/paid version to get the comprehensive package. Some of the VPN offers totally free service with all the features but they collect your information and sell it to third-party companies in exchange for fees. That’s how they monetize their service. Look for a reliable provider with lesser strings attached.

Planning a trip can be a daunting experience if you’re unprepared. Most of the time, you need to plan your budget, book cost-effective flights, and find a good hotel at a reasonable price. You also need the internet to visit places, online transactions, or to browse online.

If you’re worried about your privacy then you must know that many countries practice anti-privacy laws such as data monitoring, online surveillance, and censorship. So VPNs are an effective guide for your trip. They are very resourceful both for travel and general encryption needs. It plays an important role in protecting your online data, against hackers, eavesdropping, as well as access to many foreign sites. Conduct a quick search online for the best VPN and give it a try.

Published: January 28, 2021

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