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4 Online Brand Management Solutions

By: Bill Wortman



In today’s business world, most startup companies are completely dependent on their online presence. There’s no way to stop people from searching your company name on popular search engines, and the difference between making a sale or losing a prospective customer could be as simple as them looking over your business’ online reviews or reading a recent newspaper article about the risks associated with your product or service. With so many web sites out there that accumulate reviews, it can be difficult for to keep up to date with your company’s online reputation. Here are a few services that provide a solution for managing your online reputation:

Reputation.com enables you to easily track reviews as they are written across the web as well as to analyze trends that offer insights as to why your business is succeeding or otherwise. If you have a problem with negative content, their ReputationDefender is a proprietary technology that drives negative reviews and content away from where people see it. Basic plans for businesses start at $33.25/month, which offers all the basic analytical tools and functions of the site. Premium plans provide support from their experienced staff who will work with you to encourage positive reviews and even a PR advisor who will help tailor an online strategy for your business.
A site that prides itself on its ability to locate and actually remove negative content from the internet, InternetReputation.com appears to be the solution for businesses that want to erase a history of poor content. With a practical two-fold strategy to reputation management, the service not only deletes negative content but replaces it with positive content to promote your business. Targeting businesses that struggle with their ability to manage negative reviews, internet slander, or complaints, InternetReputation.com asks you to call the number on their web site for plan and pricing information.
Providing a unique brand management solution, Brand.com offers businesses the chance to manage their online reputation via a Reputation Command Center where you can track not only online ratings and review but also your mentions on social media and search results on major search engines. By searching the web for targeted keywords, the site will alert you as soon as any negative content is generated about your business. You need to call their number for pricing information but they offer a 90 day money back guarantee for customer satisfaction.
A South African based company, BrandEye.com provides a complete solution for reputation management that enables the convenience of access over a mobile application, Allowing you to track content in real-time as it is generated, the site also provides detailed analytics and reporting metrics to that you can easily track where content is being generated. With a basic package that costs $220/month, BrandEye is worth considering if you’re serious about managing your reputation and would benefit from access on a mobile device.
When picking the right service for your small business, think about what aspects of your business’ online presence are most critical to establishing a positive reputation. Choose whichever service you’re most confident will provide a clear, cost-effective approach to accomplishing your goals. Although convenient, brand management, can be a major cost expense for a small business. It’s particularly useful for businesses that may have struggled during the startup phase due to faulty product launches or slow customer service. Whatever the case, a large part of online brand building is a matter of treating people with respect and providing the excellent service every day.
Published: July 26, 2013

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