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Entrepreneurs Embrace New Web Addresses for Collaboration

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In the ever-evolving digital landscape, entrepreneurs constantly seek innovative ways to stand out and express their unique identities. One exciting avenue they are exploring is using new or alternative domain extensions to create web addresses that represent their culture of collaboration. These web addresses, or domain names, refer to a combination of the name or key word to the left of the dot and the domain extension to the right. Numerous available domain extensions like .chat, .club, .us, .community, .technology, .tv, .software, .design, .work, and more, offer entrepreneurs unprecedented opportunities to personalize and showcase their creativity while bringing people together.

As businesses increasingly recognize the value of collaboration, the online collaboration industry is poised for significant growth. According to a report by MarketsAndMarkets, the global enterprise collaboration market is projected to exceed $85.8 billion by 2026, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 12.7%.

A business’s web address can play a crucial role in facilitating this growing collaboration fostering a sense of community. By incorporating meaningful words on both sides of the dot, businesses can shape a unique identity that enhances their online presence and helps attract the right audience. Entrepreneurs are using these web addresses to create memorable online destinations to differentiate themselves and serve as hubs for collaboration and shared resources.

Let’s delve deeper into why collaboration is important, how a web address can facilitate this culture, and explore inspiring industry examples that exemplify the power of collaboration in driving business success.

Fueling Entrepreneurial Collaboration

Collaboration lies at the heart of successful ventures. It fuels creativity, enhances problem-solving, and drives innovation.  Entrepreneurs can reinforce their commitment to collaboration and build a solid digital presence that resonates with their target audience.

Memorable Web Addresses

New or alternative domain extensions provide entrepreneurs with shorter and more memorable options for their web addresses. This can be a game-changer for businesses aiming to differentiate themselves and establish their brand in a crowded market. As companies grow, domain names become critical in defining their identity and standing out from the competition.

Personalization and Creativity

New or alternative domain extensions allow entrepreneurs to personalize their online presence and create web addresses that align more closely with their industry and values. Additionally, they usually have access to a wider range of these domain extensions compared to more traditional ones. This results in web addresses that look different from typical URLs, allowing entrepreneurs to showcase their forward-thinking and creative mindset, positioning themselves on the cutting edge.

Improving Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Utilizing new or alternative domain extensions can promote a culture of collaboration and have great potential to improve SEO. By creating more relevant domain names, businesses can provide greater clarity to search engines and users about their website’s content. This can in turn enhance the chances of appearing in related search results. These addresses also help differentiate websites with similar names or content, improving visibility and authority in search rankings.

Let’s explore some inspiring examples of entrepreneurs using new web addresses to foster industry collaboration. These visionaries have embraced the transformative potential of domain name extensions leveraging both sides of the dot to create online spaces that unite people, ignite creativity, and drive collective success.


Showcasing Versatility in the Entertainment Industry — Emmy-award-winning host and comedian Paul Costabile expanded his digital presence beyond the red carpet with the launch of paulcostabile.tv. His website serves as a centralized platform to acquaint his audience with his diverse interests. Costabile states, I love .TV because I do broadcast television, but it also translates to digital video and online. I bought the domain early because I felt it was perfect. In addition to my hosting reels, I have a production page for my writing and editing jobs. It’s an easy, simple hub for everyone to see everything all in one place.” 

Promoting Philanthropy in the Workplace —Raisedby.us helps next-generation employers build meaningful social good programs. Kelty Niles, Chief of Partnerships, explains, “Raised By Us has a simple goal: to help people become lifelong philanthropists while at work. The .us is part of our name because we’re bringing people together to raise money for charity, which is raised by ‘us.’”

Empowering Collaborative Data Solutions Uncharted enables teams to solve complex problems through their data/analytics visualization software. The uncharted.software web address is a testament to their expertise and dedication to fostering collaborative efforts. Their cutting-edge solutions allow teams to navigate uncharted territories and unlock new possibilities.

Building an Inclusive Hub for Collaboration MLOps Community has created a vibrant hub for engineers in machine learning operations. The mlops.community web address signifies their commitment to inclusivity and collaboration. Here, professionals gather to share real-world best practices, collaborate, and expand their knowledge, fueling innovation and advancement.

Emphasizing Design Expertise Wildleaf Design is a biophilic design studio. Tina Deng, from Wildleaf Inc., explains, “We chose wildleaf.design because our team consists of all designers. Using a .design domain extension emphasizes our design background and makes it very clear to our clients which professional industry we belong to.”

Fostering Community and Passion — Women Who Whiskey has leveraged the potential of a unique web address, womenwhowhiskey.club, to create a global women’s networking and educational organization. Their domain name speaks volumes about their commitment, dedicating a space where members can nurture their passions for both community and the art of whiskey.

Power Dynamics through Collaboration — In the realm of collaboration, Just Practice has taken a bold step. Their choice of a distinct web address, justpractice.work, embodies their vision—dreaming and designing social-spatial liberation. This collaborative practice seeks to reshape societal power dynamics through the built environment, all while fostering resilience with care. Their web address succinctly captures this ethos of transformation through collective effort.

Empowering Nonprofits through Collaborative Consultancy  Cogeo, a nonprofit consultancy founded by two college soccer players and an artist, has raised over $1 billion for more than 100 nonprofits globally. The cogeo.us domain choice symbolizes their commitment to inclusivity and their role as catalysts for collaborative change.

Rob Kusel, Managing Director of Consulting Services, sheds light on their choice: “The reason we chose .us is because it is an inclusionary aspect of who we are, of our brand.” 

Secure Your Collaborative Identity

Once you have decided on your ideal collaborative web address, it’s time to register it and bring it to life. Remember, it’s not just about securing a name; it’s about shaping your digital presence and creating a lasting impression. Choose wisely by partnering with a reputable registrar or hosting company like GoDaddy, Name.com, or your trusted domain seller. Take time to evaluate prices, features, and essential elements such as privacy protection and website-building tools. Your decision today will lay a solid foundation for a thriving and collaborative online identity that will propel your business forward.

Authors: James Brown of GoDaddy Registry and Kim Michener of Identity Digital

Published: November 30, 2023

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