5 Healthy Habits to Help Reduce Stress

a woman happily petting her dog

Between work, family obligations and a constantly changing world, people in the United States are stressed. In fact, U.S. workers are among the most stressed in the world, according to a State of the Global Workplace study. While some stress is unavoidable and can be good for you, constant or chronic stress can have real…

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The Paw-tential Benefits of Canine Colleagues at Work

a doggie co-worker

According to a study by CESAR® Canine Cuisine on pets in the workplace, dog-friendly policies can have a positive impact on company culture, the employee experience, recruitment, and worker retention. Check out these stats to see the “paw-tential” benefits of canine colleagues at work. To learn more, visit Cesar.com/dogs-at-work.

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Reduce Pet Insurance Premiums to De-stress Your Budget

As a business owner or manager, stress is an unavoidable by-product of your day. So if you’re a pet owner, coming home to the loving comfort of your pet is an essential part of your re-charging and de-stressing. That’s why keeping your pet healthy, in the most efficient way for your budget, is so important.…

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The Business of Dogs

On average, American pet parents spend almost $1,300 per year on their fur babies. In 2018 that added up to $72 billion which is more than the GDP of 39 countries combined. With our pets in the forefront of our lives, it’s no wonder business is booming—but when money is tight, how are we managing…

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