How to Monetize YouTube for Your Business

Man watching videos online on tablet

In 2011, Rosanna Pansino started a YouTube channel to document her nerdy-themed bakes. She loved baking and video games so for years, it remained a fun side project. But everything changed in 2014.  Her “Nintendo Cartridge Cake” video went viral, with over 5 million views.  She decided to take the plunge and try to monetize…

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Building a Million Dollar Business

Reaching the one-million-dollar mark in your small business is a huge milestone for an entrepreneur. The question is, how do you get your startup business to that million-dollar goal? It’s tough, but it’s absolutely possible, as many entrepreneurs before you can prove. Keep the following tips in mind as you continue to grow your revenue.…

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Eyeballs Aren’t Everything

Back when we were all trying to figure out the real value of traffic on the web, we investors—and acquiring companies—got a bit crazy with metrics used to value acquisitions and investments.
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