Continuous Improvement – Great Leaders Inspire Others to Rise

a diverse group of people giving a presentation

What do all great leaders have in common? When you scratch the surface of the usual spiel – charisma, confidence, drive, etc. – you realize it’s not that much. After all, everyone’s different, so whereas some leaders thrive on spontaneity and spur-of-the-moment inspirations, others are highly organized and structured in their approach to work. Of…

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5 Inspiring Books That May Change Your Thinking About Life

Books are my guilty pleasure. I should be working but I am reading. I should be sleeping but I am still reading. I should be exercising but I have been lured again…… By the temptation to read. What do I love about books? Books provide insights into the distilled thoughts that are often decades in…

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5 Key Successes Will Sustain Entrepreneur Inspiration

Many experts are certain that successful entrepreneurs are the ones with the most inspiration (passion and dream), while others will assert that it’s about more perspiration (working harder). In my experience, both are always required in heavy doses. There are no “can’t fail” shortcuts or “get rich quick” scenarios. That’s why all those so-called million…

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