Developers: How to Choose the Right Team Format

a group of developers working together

If you decide to launch a web service or application, but you do not have developers, then you will inevitably face the question of hiring them on staff or finding an outsourcing studio. But there is another compromise solution – to work with a cross-functional service such as an offshore software development solution from Turnkey…

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How Can SMBs Work with Experienced Developers?

working with developers

If you are a small and medium business (SMB) or a start-up and digital transformation (DX) initiatives top the list of your immediate priorities, then it’s highly likely that you will have to work with developers. It’s a myth that DX is only for larger enterprises with huge budgets. Today, it is critical to stay…

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How to Build a Language Learning App Like Duolingo

In this tech-savvy era, learning a new language is the key to expanding your business across the world. Dealing with foreign clients in their native language helps to build stronger business relationships and reduces the communication gap to a large extent. In the past couple of years, the rise of language learning apps like Duolingo…

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7 Ways to Hire Vue.JS Developers for Your Business

The vue.js framework is an open-source framework among the front-end JavaScript frameworks. The popularity of vue.js has been majorly due to the ease of use in building a high-performance user interface and single-page applications for web and hybrid mobile applications. It is currently the most preferred tool for developing single-page applications. The framework has been…

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Hiring of Dedicated Front-End Developers is Ramping Up

As the modern-day consumer is spoiled for choices, businesses are battling it out to gain recognition and enhance brand perception. In an attempt to woo a wider audience, companies are now adopting a holistic customer-centric approach. Consequently, there has been an increased demand for front-end developers to bridge the gap between developers and designers. Focusing…

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