How To Select the Right Data Monitoring System

a magnifying glass highlighting data monitoring systems

Data monitoring is a systematic approach businesses use to track and manage the data flowing through their systems. It involves the continuous observation of data sources, incoming and outgoing data streams, and organizational databases. This process enables businesses to detect any anomalies or deviations in real-time, thus helping to identify potential issues or threats promptly.…

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7 Reasons Your Small Business Is Losing Leads

a dial turning leads to the max level

Lead loss is a significant hurdle for small businesses as it substantially influences overall success. This problem occurs when the potential leads generated by the business fail to convert into customers. In this guide, we explore the common reasons for lead loss in small businesses and proffer actionable methods to curtail this challenge. Inconsistent Branding…

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Why Data Analytics Is Critical For Small Businesses

small business team analyzing data

Businesses, irrespective of size, create massive amounts of data. While research has highlighted the role of big data in business, how you assess your data is crucial for achieving success. You can improve efficiency and productivity by embracing data analytics. Although this requires more resources, its benefits are worth the effort. Unsurprisingly, studies predict data…

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What Are Data Brokers and How Can They Benefit Your Company?


These days, companies have access to more data than ever. This is mainly due to the internet: experts project that by 2025, internet users will transmit 463 exabytes of data every day. The growing amount of data on the internet can be of immense value to companies. However, the more data there is, the more…

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How to Become a Data-Driven Business

Is your business using all the data your analytics tell you about?  Chances are it isn’t; only 24% of executives have succeeded in creating a data driven organization.  Those who have not yet managed it face a variety of obstacles.  They could struggle with low executive buy-in, poor data quality, or difficulty understanding what the…

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How Using Data Can Create a More Efficient Fleet

Businesses in all sectors rely heavily on data, more so now than at any point in history. Every company in the world is producing or collecting data every day of the year. As such, it is essential that businesses fully understand how to use that data to their benefit. For each business, the kind of…

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3 Ways Data Can Power Financial Planning for Your Business

As the use of data has risen exponentially, finance departments are discovering the many ways in which analytics simplifies processes. However, the increase in the amount of data gathered has also created challenges in financial planning processes. Too many businesses still rely on maintaining extensive spreadsheets and aggregating data manually. As a result, financial processes…

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Every Small Business Needs These Tech Tools

We live in a time where technology, especially digital technology, is advancing at a rapid pace. These new innovations can seem intimidating at first, and because of this, a large percentage of small business owners have no idea how to leverage them to grow their companies. That’s unfortunate because small businesses stand to gain the…

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How Rotating Residential Proxies Revolutionized the E-commerce Space

The e-commerce market is booming worldwide as consumers prefer the convenience and comfort of shopping from home. To understand their rivals’ products, strategies, and success, e-commerce platforms are researching the market and industry to glean insights. This alternative data collection leads to the e-commerce revolution. E-commerce scraping has thus important as e-tail players look to…

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