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Why Starting A New Business Is The Perfect Career Change

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Given everything that’s happened in recent years, there’s an excellent chance that you’re feeling tired and inclined to examine every facet of your life. Are you doing what you really want to do? Moving towards the future with momentum and enthusiasm? Many people have realized during these times that they need to overhaul their destinies — and they’ve started with their careers.

Should you look for a route into a different part of the 9-to-5 world? No, certainly not: that will just lead to a continuation of old frustrations. Instead, you should start your own business and serve as your own boss. Here are some of the biggest reasons why this is the right move:

You can get plenty of support

Even though you’re solely responsible for your business, you can still get help from others: there’s no need to do everything alone. That’s where the online world enters the picture. Whatever support you’re looking for, whether it’s a snippet of insight into a niche topic or broader business suggestions, you can find it — and usually for free (or at low cost).

Blogs like this one are fantastic sources of general business and creativity tips, and then there are sites like Reddit that feature huge ranges of specific forums where you can discuss whatever elements of business are giving you trouble. This is important to remember because ignorance is a huge reason why some people don’t follow their entrepreneurial dreams. You don’t need to know what you’re doing at the start: you can figure it out as you go.

You can draw upon a world of resources

In today’s world of business, you can find answers to all your questions in just a few clicks. Online resources will become like your best friend! Not only do they make your life a whole lot easier, but you’ll have access to so many useful tools and services that will help you kickstart in the smartest, most efficient and cost-effective way possible, no matter what your venture entails.

For example, if you’re thinking about hiring someone to help with a particular project, Remote’s guide to paying independent contractors will help you understand what steps you need to take as a business owner and how they can facilitate it. You can find almost anything you need online, so make the most of it!

You can take complete control

Taking orders from a boss can get extremely wearing, particularly if you don’t really like them (maybe they’re overly demanding, or rude, or outright incompetent). Though it can be intimidating at first, autotomy is a wonderful thing. You can work whatever schedule you prefer, take time off whenever you want, and set an agenda that perfectly suits you.

Sure, this means that your failures will be entirely yours — but so will your successes. When you reach a milestone, the feeling of satisfaction will go beyond anything you could get from merely being part of a business. This will really give you something to fight for. Just as you get to define who you are, you get to build the company of your dreams.

You can do something meaningful

Some companies are obsessed with profit: they just want to make as much money as possible, no matter what it takes. Most companies have other goals to pursue, but ultimately have obligations to their shareholders and employees that make them fairly inflexible. And even if you can work for a company that means well, you’ll just be a cog in the wheel.

If you start your own business, though, you can do whatever you want with it — and that means committing to something meaningful to you. Why not turn your passion into a business? Even a small idea can turn into something big if you’re enthusiastic and dedicated to making it happen. Do you dream of running your own coffee house? Would you love to run your own fitness brand? One of the main keys to success is working on something that you truly enjoy so think carefully.

You can really challenge yourself

Are you bored with your path at work? You might have been doing essentially the same things for many years, always hoping to expand your horizons but never being given the opportunity to do anything new (outside of some scattered training sessions). Well, you don’t need permission from anyone else to take on a new project when you run the business. You set the difficulty.

You can take on pieces of work for which you don’t have the skills, knowing that you can pick them up along the way — and if you make some mistakes, you’ll take ownership of them and move on. You won’t need to worry about being chastised for taking risks (entrepreneurs have to take risks). Doesn’t that sound like a much more engaging way to chart your career path?

If you have an idea that could make a decent business, now is the perfect time to see if you can turn it into a reality. If it doesn’t work out, you can go back to the regular business world — but if it does, then it’s likely to hugely change the course of your life.

Published: December 5, 2022

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