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Revenue in Record Time: 7 Tips for Starting a Small Business Quickly

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Starting your own small business might sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, you can get the ball rolling on being your own boss in just a few hours if you put your mind to it.

Even if you don’t need your business’s name out there today, there are a few things you can do to get your new entrepreneurial venture up and running in no time. 

Choose your business type

There are a lot of business types you can consider. For example, you could opt for a franchise, which would take a lot of the planning off your shoulders. Or, you could choose an independent model, which would give you the freedom to make your business your own.

Secure funding through a small business marketplace

Once you’ve chosen a name and type, you’ll need funding. If you’re worried about the time commitment involved in bank loans, you can go through a marketplace lending site such as this and receive several benefits. Not only is it easier to qualify on a small business marketplace, but there’s also quick turnaround and multiple borrowing options to choose from. 


If you’ve decided on a specific market and business model, take some time to research all aspects of your chosen strategy thoroughly. Find out who else is in your field, what they’ve done right, and things you think the industry could improve. Then, apply that knowledge to your business plan.

Don’t stress about the name

Although you want your company name to reflect both you and your services, you should choose a name that works, even if it isn’t quite what you envisioned. There are a lot of steps in the process when it comes to starting a business, some of which take more time than others. Holding off on getting the ball rolling until you have a name can be a huge detriment. 

Create your business plan

A business plan is the key to success for many businesses. It doesn’t have to be long or complex, but it does have to lay out a path forward. You’ll want to be clear on your purpose, audience, market, financial goals, pricing, and so forth. 

Do the paperwork

The administrative aspect of opening a business can be one of the most tedious processes involved. There’s paperwork for every part of your business, from loans to licenses, trademarks, and insurance. Make sure you note all forms you’ll need to complete during your research phase.

Build your team

Who’s going on this business adventure with you? Will you have a co-owner, a large staff, or will you just be a one-person show? Determine who your key advisors will be, financial and otherwise. You’ll need an accountant, insurance agents, and an attorney to help you ensure you’re checking all the right boxes. 

Final thoughts

Opening your own business will bring you a mixed bag of emotions. It’s exciting, terrifying, thrilling, and frustrating all at once. But when you lay out a clear plan, secure your funding properly, and follow all the appropriate steps, you’ll have your business up and running quickly.

Published: March 11, 2022

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