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Entrepreneurism is All About Personal Risk

By: Dave Berkus


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The Risks Don’t Stop at Money

Even using one of the strategies just mentioned, the risks of having enough cash to fund daily operations or growth can be daunting.  The same is true about marketing. If you don’t directly engage the potential customer at the right time, place and mood, you are at a disadvantage from the start.  There are too many competitors for a customer’s time and money to make an error in your approach and offer.

Here’s the ultimate thing about entrepreneurism

If you don’t choose to enter the fight, it is impossible to win it.   And entering the fight without the proper resources usually assures defeat.  Resources such as money, experience, statistics about your target, experienced marketing and sales talent, and especially a compelling need and attractive product are all important to the ultimate success of an enterprise.

So, ask yourself:  Are you ready to enter the fight?  Do you have the resources necessary to at least give you a chance to win?  If not, what do you need to do so, and how can you get those resources?

Then there is the risk of underestimating time and money

I am often surprised at the inexperienced executive’s estimates of time to breakeven for a product or a company, about the time and cost to market, about the expense in overhead needed to stay in the game.   Most of all, I am surprised at that typical person’s inexperience in the marketing arena and understanding of the importance of marketing to the success of the product.

Research the market before allocating resources

You may have all the other ingredients. But without an excellent marketing plan and a way to execute upon that plan, the best product and the most cash reserves won’t bring in the customers.  Since great marketing means addressing the wants and needs of the customer, about distancing the product from any competitor, about getting the message out to the most people possible, you’ve got to commit resources and energy to the fight in order to have a chance to win it.

Published: August 31, 2021

Source: Berkonomics

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