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Thinking of Opening a Business in Europe? Spain Offers Appealing Opportunities

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If you are interested in starting a business in a different country, you must be aware of the various challenges, requirements and advantages of each country. Due to its geographical position, demanding market, and favourable weather conditions, Spain remains one of the most attractive places to start a business.

A common practice of starting business in a foreign country is launching a mall-based business. Spain provides a good deal of opportunity to small and mid-sized businesses in this area. There are certain essential steps to follow first: a) to register a new company; or b) to buy a ready-made business.

If you do not have time for registration procedures, it is wise to search for companies offering small business for sale. The small business is a backbone of the Spanish economy. If you choose this direction, your business can be very successful, provided you know the right business rules and etiquette to operate in the country.

If you are not familiar with the procedure of how to find a small business for sale in Spain, it is advisable to contact professionals to help you throughout the process and to make clear your needs and avoid mistakes.

The most common types of small business in Spain are limited liability companies and general partnerships. The Spanish limited liability company has several important features. The liability of each member is limited by the contribution to the capital and the capital is divided into shares.

The minimum share capital of a limited liability company is EUR 3,000. This amount of share capital is enough in order to start a commercial activity. The companies with minimum share capital are usually cheaper and are often chosen by those who are not ready to spend large amounts of money at once.

All companies for sale in Spain have a foreigner’s tax identification number or NIE and a bank account in a respective bank. The NIE is essential for any fiscal transactions in Spain.

It is important to remember that all Spanish limited liability companies must have a registered office where official correspondence can be sent. This may be a commercial or residential address and it is usually the main place of business of the company. It is necessary to remember that if your Spanish company will have more than one place of business, all of them must be declared on tax forms.

A Spanish limited liability company designed to carry out small business requires minimal infrastructure. A minimum of one director and one shareholder is required to register a limited company in Spain. The director and the shareholder can be of any nationality and need not be resident in Spain.

If you expand an already existing business in Spain, there is no question of choosing the type of business. However, if you decided to enter the Spanish market with something completely new, it is often a problem to choose the right sector of economy. In Spain, where initial investment of entering the market can be high, one great option is to find a franchise business.

Most small businesses in Spain engaged in franchising achieve success in the country, especially among non-residents who decided to try their luck. It is not only a safer way to start a business in a foreign country, but it involves low capital and helps you become known in a new market.

Business-friendly regulations, beneficial tax rates for business and a steady economy are all good reasons to purchase a company for small business in Spain. Finally, Spanish official government notices regarding Spanish companies are always available on-line, allowing total transparency and easy access to the required information. These are important factors that could encourage your search of a small business for sale.

Published: April 18, 2018

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